× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜だが の訳語→ as despite nonetheless somehow

〜なら の訳語→ at for in

いっそ の訳語→ maybe rather

の訳語→ although but however instead now then though until when

その前に の訳語→ before first

ただし の訳語→ except mind only still

たとえば の訳語→ example including like perhaps typically which

だが の訳語→ anyway meanwhile so yet

の訳語→ because eventually need sudden with

なら の訳語→ do well

にしても の訳語→ nevertheless while

には の訳語→ by than that to

もっとも の訳語→ actually appropriate certainly especially even fully highly indeed least reasonable sound ultimately unless

疑惑 の訳語→ doubt misgiving suspicion

逆に の訳語→ adversely contra notwithstanding reversely

では の訳語→ give good day okay yes