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あくまで の訳語→ all desperately endless just specifically still strictly

あくまでも の訳語→ absolute carefully diligently ever firmly forever further infinite perfect provided purely totally

あんまり の訳語→ entirely more painfully quite rather so too

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exactly exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely great highly ideally indeed like most obvious obviously perfectly pseudo real really right seem seemingly simple spotlessly strained such terribly that true typically unexpectedly utterly very

かえって の訳語→ actually even instead merely somehow surprisingly unfortunately

かぎる の訳語→ except reduce

からくも の訳語→ barely enough

かろうじて の訳語→ dimly fairly labor little miraculously simply

きり の訳語→ borer

こそ の訳語→ fix precisely

ごく の訳語→ est many pretty standard

さえ の訳語→ almost as help

さすがに の訳語→ exceptionally when

しか の訳語→ doubt leave solely

しがない の訳語→ poor worthless

しょせんは の訳語→ either

せいぜい の訳語→ about altogether anyway bare extent good jolly remarkably substantial

せめて の訳語→ best least

せめてもの の訳語→ gesture shred

ただ の訳語→ although bum but however meaningless nothing perhaps plain sheer silently solitary sometimes though

ただし の訳語→ if mind

ただの の訳語→ another common common-or-garden fucking innocent ordinary silent

だけ の訳語→ confine confined exclusively limit own

つい の訳語→ always automatically day easily hard inadvertently involuntarily involuntary keep mere slightly tend unintentionally unwisely

でも の訳語→ already aw example now once regarding some then well while yet

とどめる の訳語→ carry mitigate place

とにかく の訳語→ absolutely first for maybe nonetheless sorta try whatever

には の訳語→ before by than to

のみ の訳語→ exclusive

はじめて の訳語→ first-ever new unfamiliar until

はやい の訳語→ fast precede quickly

ばかり の訳語→ collection constantly early frequently full mostly newly none peculiar predominantly recently repeatedly whole

ほんの の訳語→ brief precious relatively

まあ の訳語→ God guess might okay sort

まぎれもなく の訳語→ distinctly sure ultimately undoubtedly unmistakable unmistakably

まだ の訳語→ continue high

まったくの の訳語→ abnormally crass exact genuine hopelessly naked no resounding singular unmitigated wild

むしろ の訳語→ fain possibly somewhat

むろん の訳語→ naturally understandably

もっぱら の訳語→ especially fashion largely lot primarily

もとより の訳語→ scarcely surely

ものの の訳語→ later

やっと の訳語→ begin belatedly eventually finally laboriously last soon where

やはり の訳語→ again also equally likewise other probably same therefore

ようやく の訳語→ fully gradually nearly rare reach reluctantly till

よく見ると の訳語→ practically

ろくに の訳語→ hardly proper properly

わずか の訳語→ dollop fillip snip tiny

何でもない の訳語→ reassuring riskless

何とか の訳語→ small something succeed

初めて の訳語→ timely

辛うじて の訳語→ delicate

当然 の訳語→ deserve expectantly inevitably logical readily reasonable should

本当に の訳語→ enormously incredibly Nada

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