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あげる の訳語→ get give have heighten hold let lift offer provide push raise rise say slip uncover utter

あたり の訳語→ air area around at everything guess level neighborhood now part per region section so somewhere things

いつしか の訳語→ eventually gradually inevitably suddenly

おく の訳語→ complete drop engage keep lay pause put rest set settle take thrust

かける の訳語→ about begin bestow cover crank dump equip hook launch make nearly pay pepper play run scamper seat shake show sit sling spend start throw under waste wear worth wrap

くわえる の訳語→ chew couple direct gobble insert stick visit

そこ の訳語→ close exactly here position that there world

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance belong come dispose draw explore fill gather head hit imprint lean man prop reach ride serve strike supply

ところ の訳語→ aspect circumstance distance find house information issue manner moment nature neighbourhood one picture point post process quality something source spot streak surrounding time way what where

とどめる の訳語→ carry mitigate only

まずい の訳語→ botch botched compromising dismay impolitic lamely not patent poor problem shame subtle tough trouble unacceptable uncomfortable unfortunate unpalatable unskillful unwise worry worse wrong

わかる の訳語→ admit agree apparent appreciate ascertain catch certain clear clue conscious count decide discern discover fancy fathom feel figure follow form git hear identify imagine indicate isolate know learn measure notice obvious palpable perceive pinpoint prone prove realise realize recognise recognition recognize register respect see sense sensitive share sure sympathize tell trace traceable understand understandable witness

ホテル の訳語→ establishment hotel

ポスト の訳語→ assignment job

位置 の訳語→ angle bearing configuration locality locus

一帯 の訳語→ local range thoroughfare

引き出す の訳語→ bring dissolve elicit extrapolate invoke remove shovel squeeze suck trigger

押さえる の訳語→ clutch grab press touch wipe

押しあてる の訳語→ nudge

押しこむ の訳語→ force manoeuvre shove

押しつける の訳語→ burden grind hand impose obliging plant saddle shift

何もかも の訳語→ all whole

の訳語→ apartment background bungalow cottage crib dig door facade family farm home household inside nest room woman

の訳語→ city community street town

環境 の訳語→ environment environmental scene setup

寄せる の訳語→ approach brush flood furrow hike pull side sidle sweep

建物 の訳語→ building complex heap quarter structure

構える の訳語→ prepare

行く の訳語→ arrival arrive go leave move out pass stay stroll tear use venture walk

の訳語→ country kingdom land nation national nationality province state

の訳語→ future office table title

載せる の訳語→ bear overlay

姿勢 の訳語→ attitude course display oneself pose posture practice rule stature

の訳語→ roof space

場所 の訳語→ condition district ground locale lot milieu site thing zone

状況 の訳語→ appearance business case events fact how it occasion opportunity paradigm pattern reality scenario set-out situation

の訳語→ being body flesh foot name personal skin

の訳語→ booth box cushion desk enclosure hour pew

の訳語→ address ahead beyond bottom corner down end exit far farther first front nozzle tip

存在 の訳語→ addition creature entity existence fixture folk identity meaning presence self someone specimen status subsistence track

の訳語→ location material soil

地位 の訳語→ career consideration group membership occupation rank role standing

置く の訳語→ cradle lie plunk

注ぐ の訳語→ devote lavish pour stir

の訳語→ burg village

提出する の訳語→ file send submit tender

の訳語→ ambience club commerce joint management night-club saloon shack shop store work

添える の訳語→ append poise with

転送する の訳語→ copy transfer

賭ける の訳語→ bet gamble hazard never pawn stake wager

土地 の訳語→ property

当てる の訳語→ turn

縄張り の訳語→ beat charge department jurisdictional preserve terrain turf

入れる の訳語→ assign feed import plunge stash stuff yield

舞台 の訳語→ arena onstage platform setting stage

部屋 の訳語→ accommodation bedroom chamber den domain sanctum unit

部分 の訳語→ chunk element hunk partition portion

覆う の訳語→ pavilion

の訳語→ advantage minute minutes rate

の訳語→ character patterned shape stem

抑える の訳語→ avoid check control curb damp master oppress overpass quash rein resist stifle stop suppress surmount

立場 の訳語→ colors context relationship shit standpoint

の訳語→ band cage frame limit line rack

アパート の訳語→ apartment building flat

世界 の訳語→ culture earth environ fraternity image industry landscape life period planet profession realm sphere territory this planet universe worldview

の訳語→ base field focal point park

余地 の訳語→ right wiggle room

田舎 の訳語→ backwoods home town tiny