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〜してみる の訳語→ ought venture

あげる の訳語→ get give have heighten hold let lift place provide push raise rise say uncover utter

あてがう の訳語→ dose fit fix furnish on prop put to

いきまく の訳語→ argue claim proclaim threaten

おごる の訳語→ buy treat

さしだす の訳語→ exhibit extend hand proffer shove

させる の訳語→ allow ask authorize can encourage force leave make slap

しかける の訳語→ begin build dispose feed secret start

しめす の訳語→ communicate demonstrate emphasise evince nod set show sustain

すすめる の訳語→ dictate invite pass point speak suggest urge

する の訳語→ acquire become bring come conduct develop do fall feel gain go hear incline keep manage observe play switch take tell try use want

できる の訳語→ able assemble capable chance good know open permissible possible power understand will yes

もちだす の訳語→ cause describe initiate invoke mention quote return

よびかける の訳語→ think

わかる の訳語→ admit agree apparent appreciate ascertain catch certain clear clue conscious count decide discern discover fancy fathom figure find follow form gather git guess identify imagine indicate isolate learn notice obvious palpable perceive pinpoint prone prove realise realize recognise recognition recognize register respect see sense sensitive share smell spot sure sympathize trace traceable understandable witness

チャンス の訳語→ advantage instant moment opportunity option shot time way

洩らす の訳語→ blurt briefly escape repeat

勧める の訳語→ persuade reach suggestion

見舞う の訳語→ visit

言う の訳語→ accuse acquiesce add admonish announce answer assert call comment confess contend declare deliver demand discuss exclaim explain express imply insist instruct mouth mutter name note order profess promise pronounce protest read recall refer relate reply report respond sell sound state submit talk unload whisper word

言われる の訳語→ allusion

語りかける の訳語→ address

口を出す の訳語→ interrupt volunteer

好意 の訳語→ appreciation benefit courtesy favor generosity goodwill intervention kindness like trust

差し出す の訳語→ present produce send toss

差す の訳語→ pull trot

使う の訳語→ apply devote employ involve manipulate operate spend supply waste write

指摘する の訳語→ correct finger inform review

示す の訳語→ aim broadcast demonstration denote display mark reflect transform unveil

述べる の訳語→ acknowledge advance bubble confirm maintain recite

紹介する の訳語→ entreat feature intro recommend showcase

申し出 の訳語→ gesture invitation request

申し出る の訳語→ signify

声をかける の訳語→ intercept rattle squeal

提案 の訳語→ idea notion proposal submission

吐く の訳語→ dart duke emit ruth sick spew spit spout woof

投げつける の訳語→ sling throw

投げ出す の訳語→ discard drop fling flip

売り込む の訳語→ hawk introduce pitch

披露する の訳語→ bounce swap

魅力 の訳語→ adventure allure appeal appealing attractive charm charming comeback excitement greatness inviting mystique oomph tempting traction trait whiz

命じる の訳語→ assign ordain

約束する の訳語→ assure guarantee sincerely

与える の訳語→ allot bestow endow inflict issue lend palm

立てる の訳語→ claw cross dig earn honour

の訳語→ account agreement business campaign chat choice commitment conference conversation cycle deal description dialogue discussion episode eventuality evidence explanation history incident information intelligence item legend lie matter narrative negotiation news part piece proceeding proposition question racket reasoning recounting situation story stuff subject tale talking thing thread topic torrent truth version yarn