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うかぶ の訳語→ cross play register see strike touch

おさまる の訳語→ bate contain cool die dull ease fall fit hit modulation over quit rest settle sit soothe subside

かたづける の訳語→ clean clear cut eliminate finish square waste wrap

かわす の訳語→ avoid connect escape exchange miss say sidestep

きめる の訳語→ arrange decide stipulate

くぐる の訳語→ through

こする の訳語→ graze massage rub scrape scratch scrub stroke wipe

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything as business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part problem process question reason scale score sense shit solution something story stuff target task that thing time truth what word worth

さしかかる の訳語→ approach close come reach

すすめる の訳語→ dictate encourage hand invite offer point proffer speak suggest urge

たつ の訳語→ fare go pay

とばす の訳語→ consign shoot shunt toss whizz

とびこむ の訳語→ burst duck flounce pop

とらえる の訳語→ allure apprehend catch encounter entrap follow get grasp have hold identify impress isolate maneuver spot take

なる の訳語→ allow amount apt assume become begin change create develop feel find generate give grow join make mark potential provide put serve set turn

まかり通る の訳語→ do pervade

まわす の訳語→ assign dial raise refer roll send ship slip spin spread transfer transmit work

やりとりする の訳語→ mail reciprocate

よぎる の訳語→ across appear drift swim

移動する の訳語→ move shift shuttle travel

押しやる の訳語→ push shove

横切る の訳語→ drive overpass

過ぎる の訳語→ after consume end extremely fade grand spend up

過ごす の訳語→ company keep leave live night remain spent stay

回す の訳語→ fetch gangbang swing

教える の訳語→ acquaint admit apprise educate explain foist gimme indicate inform instruct ken lesson proclaim remind schoolmaster share show spill teach tell warn

見のがす の訳語→ allowance overlook

交わす の訳語→ engage trade

行く の訳語→ arrival arrive head out place stroll tear use venture visit walk

差し出す の訳語→ extend present produce

取る の訳語→ collect establish gather lift measure pick rebound regard remove scoop scribble suckle suspect think undo

手管 の訳語→ device routine ruse strategy

消える の訳語→ absent baulk cease decamp disappear dwindle ebb eradicate falter fell lose lost

消え去る の訳語→ fly gone vanish

進む の訳語→ advance break forward good headway lead march proceed tromp underway

走らせる の訳語→ flit pilot run

送る の訳語→ deliver dispatch escort steer

眺める の訳語→ admire behold check examine eye gaze look noodle observe peer sight stare study survey view watch

通る の訳語→ bear carry convince

通過する の訳語→ transit

通用する の訳語→ accept appeal valid

伝える の訳語→ bequeath channel communicate convey describe notify perpetuate relay report

渡す の訳語→ distribute drop offload release supply

当たり前 の訳語→ acceptable natural naturally penchant

の訳語→ stage worst

入る の訳語→ beginning emerge enter penetrate pitch squeeze tag trod

配る の訳語→ circulate oblige scan

抜ける の訳語→ abate dingo leak puff

報告する の訳語→ announce brief recount

亡くなる の訳語→ dead last

誘惑 の訳語→ appetite desire ensnare enticement inducement pitfall snare tempt temptation

立つ の訳語→ departure hover lean rise stand step

流れる の訳語→ coast drain flow

pass out passable passageway passage passel passenger passersby passing passionately passionate passion passively passive passport