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いいかげんに の訳語→ casually nearly

かじる の訳語→ chew eat rodent

がんばる の訳語→ brave cling fight trouble try

きく の訳語→ all appreciate ask check demand enquire get give hear heed hit know learn listen pay question receive respect see take want work

きちんと の訳語→ better carefully clean correctly daintily duly effectively even exactly good just neat nicely perfect precisely precision proper properly smack smart squarely strict strictly through well

こなす の訳語→ control handle manage

している の訳語→ contain determined help seem wear witness

してみせる の訳語→ attempt contrive display mock

しでかす の訳語→ accomplish up

じつは の訳語→ happen instead then

すむ の訳語→ able back complete finish go mere remain

する の訳語→ acquire become bring come conduct develop fall feel gain incline keep make observe offer play provide show switch tell use

たしかに の訳語→ actual actually admit admittedly definitely despite distinctly evidently forsooth goddam indeed maybe namely obviously realize really still sure true unmistakably very yes

ついている の訳語→ appear behind decorate hook with

とりかかる の訳語→ approach begin start turn

なす の訳語→ achieve

なら の訳語→ if in now so

なるほど の訳語→ ah aha certainly convinced fine gotcha magnificent probably quite surprised truly uh-huh undoubtedly

のりだす の訳語→ launch lean

ひきうける の訳語→ agree bother volunteer willing

まかり通る の訳語→ pass pervade

やりとげる の訳語→ carry succeed

やる の訳語→ act earn follow force inhale murder perform pull run send smoke stoop tackle

扱う の訳語→ coddle cover have regard sell treat

育てる の訳語→ breed cultivate encourage raise suckle wean

演じる の訳語→ cast commit feign

果たす の訳語→ effectuate meet undertake

起こる の訳語→ cause cook occur result rise rouse

効く の訳語→ assist flow

行為 の訳語→ activity ass behavior business deed event exercise exertion feasance feat gesture gripe malice misconduct performance practice procedure process way

行動 の訳語→ action advance coup game journey move operation outlook thing

済ませる の訳語→ announce attend conclude deal

作業 の訳語→ detail effort job occupation official task

仕掛ける の訳語→ perpetrate

仕業 の訳語→ autograph caper

仕事 の訳語→ assignment billet care career chore contract crap dealing desk duty employment enterprise function gig labor life matter mission morsel problem profession project sledding specialty story stuff trade undertaking weariness what

使う の訳語→ apply devote employ hold involve manipulate operate put spend supply waste write

始まる の訳語→ commence lead

思いこむ の訳語→ believe consider convince decide fancy think

実現する の訳語→ actualize find realizing

実行する の訳語→ enforce finalize organise

手を出す の訳語→ acceptance chase indulge touch

手を打つ の訳語→ settle

襲う の訳語→ attack blow catch guerrilla heist maraud mugging strike

集まり の訳語→ affair aggregation gathering occasion

従う の訳語→ atrail committed comply serve stand support

出かける の訳語→ excursion head leave travel trip visit

処理する の訳語→ crunch wrangle

真似をする の訳語→ fake imitate

進める の訳語→ implement pursue

成功する の訳語→ successful win

体験する の訳語→ experience taste

対応する の訳語→ adjust correspondent proportional respond response

達成する の訳語→ effect

調べる の訳語→ breakdown clear confirm count determine examine explore extricate fish inventory look open probe reference review search shake sleuth study sus test track understand

超える の訳語→ high superior swell transcend

吐く の訳語→ barf dart deliver duke emit name ruth sick spew spit spout talk vomit woof

動く の訳語→ dance motion movement shift stir tick walk wander

犯す の訳語→ overpass

変える の訳語→ abandon alter another break change difference different disguise mutate replace revise tamper

片づける の訳語→ brush busy consume describe dismiss drink push remove sling wind

用いる の訳語→ muster

流す の訳語→ channel circulate drain feed flush stream wash

はっきり の訳語→ baldly beautifully broad certain clearly consciously crystal clear declarative definite easily evenly explicitly finally firm frankly great hard-edged honestly must obvious outright perfectly prominent radically recognizably right specific stark straight vividly

doable docile docility dock doctor doctrinaire document doc dodger dodge dog food dog-goned doggedly doggedness dogged doggy dogleg dogma dogpile dogsbody dogs dog doing dolce doleful dollars dollar dollop doll dolomite dolt domain domesticate domestic dominant dominate domination dominator dominion donate done dong don doo-doo doodad doom-laden doomed doom doorkeeper doorsill doorstep doorway door doozy dopey dope dorky dork dormant dormitory dosage dose dot doubleness double doubtfully doubtful doubtless doubt dough dourly dour douse dovehouse down-and-outers down-trodden down-zoned downer downfall downgrade downmarket downplay downright downside downstairs downstream downtime downtown downturn downvote downward down doyen dozen doze