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〜したまま の訳語→ with

あくまで の訳語→ all desperately endless only specifically still strictly

あっさり の訳語→ brightly carelessly casual dryly easily effortlessly entirely freely handsomely impatiently matter-of-factly off-hand quickly readiness short shortly simply succinctly thinly unceremoniously willing

あっさりと の訳語→ airily artlessly briskly cool deadpan eagerly fast flatly

いいから の訳語→ anyway now put

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exactly exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely great highly ideally indeed like most obvious obviously perfectly pseudo rather real really right seem seemingly simple so spotlessly strained such terribly that too true typically unexpectedly utterly very

いたって の訳語→ enough fairly mortally pretty

いちいち の訳語→ each every everything precise

いつでも の訳語→ always anytime consistently constantly frequently invariably never permanently readily

いま の訳語→ immediate present there today

おとなしく の訳語→ calmly dutifully frosty humble impassively meekly mild obediently passively patiently quiet receptive silently smartly tamely

かろうじて の訳語→ barely dimly labor little miraculously

きちんと の訳語→ better carefully clean correctly daintily do duly effectively even good neat nicely perfect precisely precision proper properly smack smart squarely strict through well

きっと の訳語→ bet bitterly blankly but definitely doubtless fixedly hard have likely maybe must ought perhaps presumably probably stiffly sure then tightly truly undoubtedly will

きり の訳語→ borer

ぎりぎり の訳語→ full limit millimetre possible securely

ぎりぎりの の訳語→ last scant scanty shoestring

ごく の訳語→ est many purely quite standard

さあ の訳語→ come hm man

さっさと の訳語→ abruptly directly early immediately promptly pronto quick soon thoughtlessly

さっぱり の訳語→ slight total totally

しげしげと の訳語→ closely critically frankly frequent intently lot minutely steadily thorough thoughtfully

しごく の訳語→ bastardize dead pull rigidly rub stroke

すぐ の訳語→ automatically close easy first instantaneously instantly minute presently swiftly willingly

すごく の訳語→ awfully grave hell thundering tremendously wildly

すでに の訳語→ already virtually

せいぜい の訳語→ about altogether bare extent jolly remarkably substantial

そっくりの の訳語→ akin identical

そのとおり の訳語→ affirm

そもそも の訳語→ basic begin consider essentially fundamentally

それより の訳語→ actually mostly

ただ の訳語→ although bum except however instead meaningless merely nothing plain sheer solitary sometimes though

ただじっと の訳語→ attentive quietly

ただの の訳語→ another common common-or-garden fucking innocent ordinary poor silent

たまたま の訳語→ accidentally coincidentally get happen occasional rare somehow

たんなる の訳語→ mere

だけ の訳語→ confine confined exclusively least own

だけで の訳語→ solely

ちゃんと の訳語→ absolutely clearly firmly fully politely straight

ちょうど の訳語→ dully

ちょっと の訳語→ almost bit brief briefly brisk casually faintly few hey hi jiffy mildly moment nearly nominal pinch psst pure sec slightly small some something somewhat sort subtly touch tut while

ちょっとした の訳語→ clever high-class inconsequential minor modest seasoned sensible tiny trifle trifling wee

ちょっぴり の訳語→ dollop drop skimpily vaguely

つい の訳語→ day inadvertently involuntarily involuntary keep tend unintentionally unwisely

ついに の訳語→ also everlasting finally lastly suddenly until

つまらん の訳語→ disheartening miserable mortal

つまり の訳語→ because i.e. mean particularly

とうてい の訳語→ aught exquisitely

とことん の訳語→ forever obsessively unrelentingly

とても の訳語→ dignified goddamned hardly heartbreakingly huge painfully practically

とにかく の訳語→ for nonetheless sorta try whatever

とりあえず の訳語→ available preliminary provisionally temporarily

どうしても の訳語→ eventually inalterably inescapably inevitably insist irresistible stubbornly would

どうやら の訳語→ apparently guess ostensibly reportedly

なに の訳語→ oh what

なみの の訳語→ human of

のほほんと の訳語→ polite

ばかり の訳語→ collection more newly none peculiar predominantly recently repeatedly whole

ひたすら の訳語→ anxiously avidly doggedly earnest earnestly literally stolidly undeviatingly unflagging

ひょいと の訳語→ lightly naturally

ふつうに の訳語→ usually

ふつうの の訳語→ average baseline regular sane uniform

ふと の訳語→ accidental chance dare momentary sudden unbidden when

ほんとうに の訳語→ adventure boring honestly how seriously yes

ほんの の訳語→ precious relatively

ぽつんと の訳語→ absently

まあ の訳語→ God might okay

まさに の訳語→ admirably appropriate as fact greatest thereby

まざまざと の訳語→ clarity

まず の訳語→ certain example initially often rarely

まずは の訳語→ beforehand near start

まだ の訳語→ continue high yet

まったく の訳語→ cold considerably distinctly exact genuine gevalt goddamn gosh intense outstanding squeaky strongly supremely surely vastly

まったくの の訳語→ abnormally crass hopelessly naked no resounding singular unmitigated wild

まともな の訳語→ civilized commonsense controversial decent decently direct full-sized honest important nice normal orderly praiseworthy reasonably respectable responsible serious solid sound together wise workable

まるで の訳語→ absolute amazingly complete kind singularly veritable wholly

まんまと の訳語→ beautifully largely skillfully splendidly succeed successfully

むやみに の訳語→ badly blindly frantically horribly indiscriminately raging unduly

の訳語→ again despite else equally himself including partly

もう の訳語→ anymore extra further point

もっともな の訳語→ believable fair logical practical understandable

やっと の訳語→ before belatedly laboriously where

わずか の訳語→ fillip snip

わずかに の訳語→ fractionally trace

悪くない の訳語→ glad medium-pretty tolerable wish

一介の の訳語→ junior

一瞬 の訳語→ blinking flash fleeting glance heartbeat instant next once second split-second time

簡単に の訳語→ cursorily curt tidy

間一髪 の訳語→ deftly hair’s-breadth

近く の訳語→ around by reach

の訳語→ incidentally this tonight

今の の訳語→ late

最近 の訳語→ lately recent

至極 の訳語→ wholehearted

失敗する の訳語→ abort blob bungle fail flop mess miscarry

瞬間 の訳語→ situation

辛うじて の訳語→ delicate

甚だ の訳語→ incredibly intensely

の訳語→ number odd population sheaf

精一杯 の訳語→ best

同じように の訳語→ interchangeably likewise similarly

同様に の訳語→ commensurate

不用意に の訳語→ clumsily unwary

無造作に の訳語→ careless heedlessly loosely nonchalantly offhandedly

黙って の訳語→ dumbly say silence sit wordlessly

要するに の訳語→ amount basically significantly

はっきり の訳語→ baldly broad consciously crystal clear declarative definite evenly explicitly firm hard-edged outright prominent radically recognizably specific stark vividly

just a touch justice justifiable justifiably justification justified justify justly justness