× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


ことさら の訳語→ deliberate deliberately determined elaborately extra positively remarkably stubbornly studied studious very

ことのほか の訳語→ deceptively especially extremely great inordinately peculiar singularly surprisingly unusually

さして の訳語→ about across equally much overly particular so to

さほど の訳語→ all even half not probably right

それほど の訳語→ any enough less really such

たいそう の訳語→ big desperate exceptionally fairly how well

つまり の訳語→ because briefly but essentially exactly i.e. just mean perhaps that

とくに の訳語→ most obvious outdo unduly

とっておきの の訳語→ best delightful enjoy favorite special

とびきり の訳語→ real super

とりわけ の訳語→ chiefly main notably primarily specially

なお の訳語→ again certainly further long more still

なんの の訳語→ complete what

ひどく の訳語→ acutely almost as atrociously awful bad completely curiously deeply definitely disproportionately distastefully enormously exceedingly excruciatingly extraordinarily extreme genuinely grossly hard heavily heavy highly incredibly indeed infinitely intense magnificent monumentally nicely painfully palpably passionately profoundly rather royally serious severe severely sincerely somehow startlingly sufficiently terribly throughly thundering utterly wildly wonderfully worse

べつに の訳語→ despite no nothing

ほんとうに の訳語→ absolutely actually adventure boring honestly perfectly pretty quite seriously sheer totally yes

まったく の訳語→ altogether apparent cold considerably distinctly entirely exact fully genuine gevalt God goddamn gosh hell man merely naturally never outstanding practically precisely simply some squeaky strongly supremely surely truly vastly virtually

よほど の訳語→ appalling comfortable damned far gravely progressively

異常に の訳語→ atypically crazily strangely

一途 の訳語→ earnest passionate

格別 の訳語→ conspicuous discernible marked

決して の訳語→ decidedly triumphantly

大いなる の訳語→ high immense large mighty

第一 の訳語→ anyway besides finally first primacy though

特に の訳語→ noticeably

特別 の訳語→ administrative below-the-line exception exceptional fancy particularity raging something

非常に の訳語→ considerable excess peculiarly thoroughly thrice

別段 の訳語→ largely