× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜とも の訳語→ like yes

あたりまえ の訳語→ commonplace naturally normal really truism

いうまでもない の訳語→ obviously

いかにも の訳語→ apparent clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exactly exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely great highly ideally indeed just most obvious only perfectly pseudo rather real right seem seemingly simple so spotlessly strained such terribly that too true typically unexpectedly utterly very

えらく の訳語→ awfully fine fortune goddam greatly inordinately one pretty quite strictly surprisingly

かえって の訳語→ actually all even instead merely somehow unfortunately

きっと の訳語→ always bet bitterly blankly but definitely doubtless fixedly hard have invariably likely maybe must ought perhaps presumably probably stiffly sure then tightly truly undoubtedly will

きまって の訳語→ anytime inevitably often

きまっている の訳語→ apt same usually would

きわめて の訳語→ absolutely critically deadly especially honest impossibly terminally thrice traditional

さぞ の訳語→ how

しっかり の訳語→ carefully cleanly close duly fast firmly fully good indelibly much nice positively powerfully safely sharp soberly solid squarely tight together well

じつに の訳語→ absolute admirably where

すっかり の訳語→ already altogether anew awful deep dramatically drastically dreadfully easily every everything fairly finally forever freely full hopelessly late nicely noticeably rapidly ridiculously seriously severly significantly simply splendidly spoil stone sufficiently superfluous totally unmitigated whole

ぜったい の訳語→ believe never

ぜったいに の訳語→ dead virtually

ぜひとも の訳語→ badly better clearly

そう の訳語→ correct entirely follow meet oh this why

そのもの の訳語→ almost essentially massively picture sheer thoroughly

たいした の訳語→ incredible many regular significant some wonderful

だって の訳語→ because Jesus possible yet

ちがいない の訳語→ know possibility surely

とても の訳語→ dignified goddamned hardly heartbreakingly huge jolly painfully practically

ともかく の訳語→ whatever while

どういたしまして の訳語→ listen privilege

どう見ても の訳語→ admittedly apparently far squeaky unquestionably

なお の訳語→ again further long more particularly still

なるほど の訳語→ ah aha convinced do gotcha magnificent surprised uh-huh

なんという の訳語→ terrible

なんとも の訳語→ genuine indescribably infinitely nothing perfect queer

はず の訳語→ due expect think

はずだ の訳語→ assume suppose

まぎれもない の訳語→ certain decidedly indisputably indubitably inescapable realize sovereign undoubted unfailing unmistakable unmistakably unquestionable

まさか の訳語→ actual darling forget impossible no nohow

まさに の訳語→ appropriate as begin effectively fact greatest precisely proper somewhat thereby

まず の訳語→ example first initially rarely sort

まったく の訳語→ cold considerably distinctly exact gevalt God goddamn gosh hell intense man outstanding strongly supremely vastly what

まったくの の訳語→ abnormally crass naked resounding singular wild

むろん の訳語→ though understandably

もちろん の訳語→ ’course also

もっとも の訳語→ although however if least reasonable sound ultimately unless

もとより の訳語→ now scarcely

もはや の訳語→ another anymore today

よほど の訳語→ appalling comfortable damned gravely progressively

案の定 の訳語→ characteristically predictable predictably unsurprisingly

確かだ の訳語→ say

決して の訳語→ triumphantly

充分 の訳語→ ample enough fill handsomely

充分に の訳語→ adequately

少なくとも の訳語→ anyway

随分 の訳語→ bad

正しく の訳語→ assuredly justly lawfully

相当 の訳語→ any fraught plenty suitability tolerably worth

断じて の訳語→ ever

避けられない の訳語→ imperative inevitable unescapable

必ず の訳語→ certainty obligatory regularly

別に の訳語→ particular special

明らかに の訳語→ appreciably correctly manifest predominantly remarkable visually

間違いない の訳語→ adamant fait accompli

はっきり の訳語→ baldly beautifully broad consciously crystal clear declarative definite evenly explicitly firm frankly hard-edged honestly outright prominent properly radically recognizably specific stark straight vividly