× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

これといった の訳語→ apparent effective especially real refined

さして の訳語→ about across equally much overly particularly so to

さも の訳語→ deliberate obvious show utter very

そんな の訳語→ gosh how kind such this

とびきりの の訳語→ first foremost monumental most prize

ひどく の訳語→ acutely almost as atrociously awful bad completely curiously deeply definitely disproportionately distastefully enormously exceedingly excruciatingly extraordinarily extreme extremely genuinely great grossly hard heavily heavy highly incredibly indeed infinitely intense long magnificent monumentally nicely painfully palpably passionately profoundly rather really royally serious severe severely sincerely somehow startlingly sufficiently surprisingly terribly throughly thundering utterly wildly wonderfully worse

異常な の訳語→ aberrant abnormal exceptional fucked paradoxical unique unusually

一本 の訳語→ independent

何も の訳語→ nothin totally

格別 の訳語→ conspicuous discernible marked

格別の の訳語→ chosen good

限定された の訳語→ finite restricted

今度の の訳語→ another upcoming

際立った の訳語→ distinctive exceptionally resounding sheer striking

資料 の訳語→ check information material morgue note record

事実 の訳語→ actuality conclusion fact factor fate gospel indicator knowlede line mark realization relevant thing things today true truly truth way what

顛末 の訳語→ account circumstance detail turn twist

当て の訳語→ desire intention ready

別に の訳語→ any certainly nothing quite special

変わった の訳語→ freak idiosyncratic odd startling unusual

妙な の訳語→ curious dreadful eccentric false foolishly funny oddly peculiar perverse queer screwy singular strange strangely suspicious untoward weird

こだわる の訳語→ adhere attention be obsessed with care dwell fascination fuss insistent obsess

particularity particularly