× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


〜の の訳語→ as from in of with

あまり の訳語→ change entirely exactly excess few little more much pretty quite rather really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly too utterly very

あまりの の訳語→ complete

いよいよ の訳語→ close even ever finally gradually great greatly now rich steadily still

かかる の訳語→ attend began begin cost drive fall get infect narrow proceed rest ring say see set settle sit soar start take try use

かける の訳語→ bestow cover crank dump equip hook launch lay make nearly pay pepper place play provide put run scamper seat shake show sling spend throw under waste wear worth wrap

かれこれ の訳語→ almost probably some well

くらい の訳語→ case something

ぐるりと の訳語→ around completely entire quick

けはい の訳語→ air indication sense sign

さして の訳語→ across equally especially overly particular particularly to

ざっと の訳語→ abstracted briefly cursory easily glancingly hurriedly quickly rough roughly slightly

せいぜい の訳語→ all altogether anyway bare barely extent good jolly just only remarkably substantial

そこそこ の訳語→ adequately lot minimum modestly reasonably yet

そろそろ の訳語→ gently high slow slowly soon

ばかり の訳語→ collection constantly early exclusively firmly for frequently full many maybe merely mostly newly none peculiar predominantly recently repeatedly whole

ほぼ の訳語→ near nigh practically virtually

まで の訳語→ actually also at every over through till towards until while

恰好 の訳語→ action appearance costume gesture getup look pose posture shape sight state way

危うく の訳語→ desperately hardly narrowly

近い の訳語→ before closely immediate imminent like proximity short

時分 の訳語→ season time weather when

同然 の訳語→ indistinguishable know sort tantamount

様子 の訳語→ apparent appear behavior behaviour condition layout manner mood rate seem spirit temper that thing welfare