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〜しながら の訳語→ when while with

恰好 の訳語→ about action appearance costume gesture getup look pose posture shape sight way wear

気味 の訳語→ feel rather

の訳語→ border end morass partition

興奮状態 の訳語→ demonstration impassioned rampage swelter

均衡 の訳語→ balance counterpoise parity tie

具合 の訳語→ condition health how manner

の訳語→ form solid thing

経緯 の訳語→ business circumstance course happen history prehistory

語る の訳語→ account claim communicate convey deliver describe detail explain express indicate recite relate repetition report say set share speak talk teach tell utter

口調 の訳語→ accent address conversation delivery diction discourse drawl sound tone voice

国家 の訳語→ country nation politics weal

質問 の訳語→ inquiry question quiz

の訳語→ shallows shire spit

述べる の訳語→ acknowledge advance assert bubble confirm maintain mention offer point produce provide suggest

叙述 の訳語→ delineation narration narrative rendering

情勢 の訳語→ everything situation

状態 の訳語→ creature frame mode mood plight position stage status term welfare

申し立てる の訳語→ allege arrange purport

宣言する の訳語→ announce call declare enunciate predicate

表現 の訳語→ accolade expression name pay phrase representation sign statement

病状 の訳語→ illness infirmity

面影 の訳語→ image intimation

有様 の訳語→ scene vision

話す の訳語→ adopt confess discuss discussion divulge go gossip meet opinion recall repeat reveal speaking talking

言う の訳語→ accuse acquiesce add admit admonish answer ask begin blurt comment contend demand direct exclaim get at have imply insist instruct mouth mutter note observe order profess promise pronounce protest put read refer reply respond return sell show submit think unload venture whisper word

見る の訳語→ behold blink catch check confront consult decide detect discern examine expect eye find follow gauge gaze get glance glare inspect inspection judge long look in measure moment notice peer peg picture realize reckon recognize regard scan scrutinize see seem size spot stare study surmise survey turn view wait watch witness

stately statement statesperson

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