× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


あまり の訳語→ about change entirely exactly excess few little more much pretty quite really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly too utterly very with

あんまり の訳語→ only painfully

いいかげん の訳語→ enough thoroughly

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly clear completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely great highly ideally indeed just like most obvious obviously perfectly pseudo real right seem seemingly simple spotlessly strained such that true typically unexpectedly

いくらか の訳語→ bit bob certain slight slightly small some something spot

いささか の訳語→ almost considerably embarrassed least mild mildly moderately partly somehow sometimes trifle vaguely

いっそ の訳語→ if maybe

いつになく の訳語→ ever rare suddenly uncharacteristic uncharacteristically unusual unusually unwonted urgency

かえって の訳語→ actually all even instead merely surprisingly unfortunately

かなり の訳語→ again amazingly appreciably fairly goddamned good heavily how increasingly lot nearly plenty positively serious substantial widely

けっこう の訳語→ especially glad hugely modest tidy wonderful

ごく の訳語→ est many purely standard

さすがに の訳語→ exceptionally when

さぞ の訳語→ must

しかし の訳語→ alas fortunately however Jesus nevertheless nonetheless now still then though well whereas yet

すこし の訳語→ distance short

ずいぶん の訳語→ awful awfully considering dearly decidedly enormous large numerous often remarkably sure try way while

それはもう の訳語→ absolute

ただ の訳語→ although anyway bum but except meaningless nothing perhaps plain sheer silently simply solitary totally

だったら の訳語→ for therefore

ちょっと の訳語→ brief briefly brisk casually faintly hey hi jiffy moment nominal pinch psst pure quick quickly sec shortly sort subtly touch tut

ちょっとした の訳語→ clever high-class inconsequential minor seasoned sensible tiny trifling wee

つとめて の訳語→ careful conscientiously forced possible

とんだ の訳語→ hard

どことなく の訳語→ amused dimly remotely vague

どちらかといえば の訳語→ basically comparatively preferable relative

なかなか の訳語→ admirably better every half hardly kind kindly late reasonably reluctantly repeatedly rich stubbornly

なかば の訳語→ halfway practically

なんだか の訳語→ could probably

なんて の訳語→ as what

なんとなく の訳語→ connotation distinct effortlessly general imprecisely inexplicably intuitively

はなはだ の訳語→ keenly peculiarly

ばかに の訳語→ blamed disproportionate fearfully high surreally

ひどく の訳語→ acutely atrociously bad curiously definitely disproportionately distastefully enormously excruciatingly extreme grossly heavy incredibly infinitely intense long magnificent monumentally nicely palpably particular particularly passionately profoundly royally severe severely sincerely startlingly throughly thundering wildly wonderfully worse

ほとほと の訳語→ absolutely altogether complete heartily

ほとんど の訳語→ alike barely largely majority near rarely virtually

ほんとうに の訳語→ adventure boring honestly seriously yes

まあ の訳語→ God guess might okay

まずまずの の訳語→ acceptable half-way passable

まだまだ の訳語→ other

むしろ の訳語→ fain mostly possibly

めっきり の訳語→ clearly markedly noticeably shockingly

やや の訳語→ shade

わざと の訳語→ abruptly artfully consciously deliberate intentionally mock purposely self-consciously show thoughtfully treat willfully

わずかに の訳語→ fractionally trace

わりに の訳語→ than

案外 の訳語→ strangely surprise unexpected

何だか の訳語→ why

気味 の訳語→ feel state

極めて の訳語→ greatly

近い の訳語→ before close closely immediate imminent proximity

結構 の訳語→ allow dandy fine happy lovely

実に の訳語→ always apparently best damn deep painful truly unbridled

小さな の訳語→ baby dull faint gentle low miniature narrow petit shoestring small-time thin

少々 の訳語→ iota mite quart

心持ち の訳語→ emotion feeling heart intention live mood

多少 の訳語→ less

妙に の訳語→ curious inappropriately mysterious mysteriously nasty odd oddly peculiar queer strangeness unnaturally weirdly