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あくまで の訳語→ desperately endless just only specifically still strictly

あまさず の訳語→ fully whole

あらゆる の訳語→ complete considerable divers every

ありとあらゆる の訳語→ everything innumerable overall various

いかなる の訳語→ any even

いくらでも の訳語→ always freely infinite plenty rich royal

いっさい の訳語→ abosolutely absolute spartan whatever

いっぺんに の訳語→ quickly simultaneously

いつも の訳語→ abiding absolutely constant constantly ever evermore exclusively forever generally invariable invariably long never normally other perpetual perpetually rarely regularly religiously routinely so sometimes steady throughout traditionally unwavering used usual wholly

いやというほど の訳語→ embarrassingly honestly sharp terrible terribly too unpleasantly

いろいろ の訳語→ lot many some sort

いろいろな の訳語→ different dozen

いろんな の訳語→ large

うまく の訳語→ artfully beautifully can cleverly deftly easily effectually efficiently fine good gracious great handy lucky nice pretty proficiently properly quite really right savvy shrewdly smart splendidly successful successfully tightly well

かえって の訳語→ actually certainly indeed instead merely rather somehow surprisingly unfortunately

かたっぱしから の訳語→ methodically

きく の訳語→ appreciate ask check demand do enquire get give hear heed hit know learn listen pay question receive respect see take want work

きれいに の訳語→ carefully clean completely exquisitely freshly gracefully handsomely innocent meticulously neatly nicely ply thoroughly

くまなく の訳語→ full thorough

こそ の訳語→ fix precisely

こぞって の訳語→ clearly

ことごとく の訳語→ anywhere continually discreetly entirely

ころりと の訳語→ quietly suddenly

こんな の訳語→ deeze outrageous such this

さほど の訳語→ especially half much not particularly probably

さんざん の訳語→ bloody brutal cruelly enough everywhere hard nightmare often roundly ruined

じゅうぶん の訳語→ intently perfectly sufficient

すっかり の訳語→ already altogether anew awful deep deeply dramatically drastically dreadfully exactly extremely fairly finally genuinely hopelessly late noticeably rapidly real ridiculously seriously severly significantly simply spoil stone sufficiently superfluous totally unmitigated very

すべて の訳語→ detail matters number throughly together total undivided what-all

ずっと の訳語→ absurdly considerably far more permanently rest surely way

せいぜい の訳語→ about anyway bare barely extent jolly remarkably substantial

ぜんぜん の訳語→ bit nope

そういう の訳語→ after that

そっくり の訳語→ entire life look same share

そのもの の訳語→ almost essentially massively picture sheer

そもそもの の訳語→ first initially original originally

それぞれ の訳語→ each respectively

それっきり の訳語→ again chuck die lose maintain

そろって の訳語→ both collective

たいへんな の訳語→ acutely big capital exhaustive hellish main rooted serious tough

ただ の訳語→ although bum but except however meaningless nothing perhaps plain purely silently solitary though

たんなる の訳語→ mere ordinary

だけ の訳語→ confine confined least limit own

だけに の訳語→ solely

だらけ の訳語→ cover encrust

だれにも の訳語→ anybody everybody everyone

だれもかれも の訳語→ they

とも の訳語→ also part partly

どう の訳語→ how important what

どうして の訳語→ where why

どこの の訳語→ most

どこまでも の訳語→ emphatically faithfully indefinitely perfect persist stubbornly through

どこもかしこも の訳語→ predominantly

どれもこれも の訳語→ uniformly

どんどん の訳語→ aggressively eagerly fair fast gradually increasingly keep steadily

どんな の訳語→ either quality thousand

どんなに の訳語→ utterly

なにからなにまで の訳語→ outright

なによりも の訳語→ concomitantly since

なんか の訳語→ hardly

なんとも の訳語→ genuine indescribably infinitely queer

にも の訳語→ as despite

の訳語→ business like news of purpose something than to wonder

ばかり の訳語→ collection early firmly for frequently little maybe mostly newly none peculiar recently repeatedly

ひたすら の訳語→ anxiously avidly doggedly earnest earnestly literally stolidly undeviatingly unflagging

ひとつひとつ の訳語→ manually

ぴったり の訳語→ appropriate belong close correctly match near word-for-word

ほんとうに の訳語→ adventure boring yes

まるで の訳語→ amazingly kind singularly sound veritable virtually wildly

みな の訳語→ one others

みんな の訳語→ anyone family fella pack people them unanimous we

もっぱら の訳語→ fashion largely primarily

やる の訳語→ act earn follow force go handle happen inhale make murder perform play provide pull run send smoke start stoop tackle try

ようく の訳語→ good-and-well

よく の訳語→ attention better closely common enormously exceedingly frequent further intimately occasional once periodically prolonged respectable soundly strongly usually vigorous

一人残らず の訳語→ unanimously

一斉に の訳語→ collectively concerted equally

一切 の訳語→ no thing wholeness

一同 の訳語→ body group party setout troop

一部始終 の訳語→ incident story tale

一様に の訳語→ seamlessly

何もかも の訳語→ place

完全に の訳語→ cold faultlessly integrally stone-cold throw truly virtual

強大な の訳語→ powerful prowess richly supreme sweeping

権化 の訳語→ incarnation itself personify

今までの の訳語→ above interrupted past

際限なく の訳語→ ceaseless continue

充分 の訳語→ ample fill painfully proper

徐々に の訳語→ leisurely slowly

世の中 の訳語→ condition country living nature public world

精一杯 の訳語→ best

の訳語→ general

全身 の訳語→ he

大きな の訳語→ bad badly broad bubble chief cruel enormous enthusiastic fundamental gaping giant heavily heavy huge hugely imposing loud major massive noisily oversized rambling roundhouse seismic severely slashing spacious strapping tall tremendous wide

大勢の の訳語→ hundred

逐一 の訳語→ list

度重なる の訳語→ numerous repeated

片っぱしから の訳語→ busily lickety-split mercilessly

本性 の訳語→ colors

万事 の訳語→ over

要は の訳語→ it

連中 の訳語→ bastard boy bunch character contingent coterie creep crowd customer folk fringe fry guy man member mind mortals observer personnel rabble rank SOB swarm those variety

なにもかも の訳語→ holus bolus things


all right allegation alleged allege allegiance allegory allergy alleviate alleviation alleviative alleyway alliance allocate allot allowable allowance allow alloy allude allure alluring allusion allusive ally

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