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いぶかしむ の訳語→ curious queerly quizzical

いぶかる の訳語→ distrust marvel questioning think

うかがう の訳語→ alert challenge check discern eye glance investigate look note peer regard reveal scout search see size study trouble watch

おびえる の訳語→ dread fright scared terrify terror thrill

とまどう の訳語→ confused embarrassment

の訳語→ all business like news of purpose something than though to

わからない の訳語→ agnostic bother decide guess ignorant lost unsure

唖然 の訳語→ bewilderment wonderment

解せない の訳語→ puzzle queer

勘ぐる の訳語→ suspect

感心 の訳語→ admiration amaze awe tribute

感動 の訳語→ excitement exhilaration

危惧する の訳語→ afraid alarmed

気がかり の訳語→ concern uneasy unsettling worrisome worry

気にかかる の訳語→ concerned disturb disturbed

気にかける の訳語→ ask aware care feel matter notice self-conscious

気になる の訳語→ annoy conscious determined disconcerting distract disturbing embarrassing harrowing mean perplexing possibly prepare prepared question remember stick swear

気を揉む の訳語→ worried

疑う の訳語→ believe doubt know surprised sus

興味がある の訳語→ interest interested want

驚く の訳語→ appreciation die impress shock startled surprise

恵み の訳語→ provide providence

好奇心 の訳語→ curiosity curiousity curiousness wondering

考える の訳語→ absorb approach assume chew compose conceive concentrate consider contemplate convinced count debate delve design determine disguise dwell examine expectation fancy feature figure find gather idea ideate imagine judge meditate occur plan ponder process prospect realize reason recall register remembrance result ruminate scheme seek speculate suggest suppose theorize thought through waver weigh

思う の訳語→ accept admit anticipate anticipation apparently argue bear buy conclude conjecture deem estimate expect frightened hope impression learn love make mind pretend qualify realise reckon recognize reflect remark seem sensible sound sure take tell try understand view wish

思案する の訳語→ deliberate

思案に暮れる の訳語→ indecisive wrestle

首をかしげる の訳語→ doubtful suspicious

想像する の訳語→ draw dream envision vision visualize

頭をひねる の訳語→ calculate

悩む の訳語→ distress suffer

不思議 の訳語→ impressive mysterious odd remarkable strange strangeness surprising

夢見る の訳語→ hell-bent

問いかける の訳語→ demand discover inquire say speak

理解 の訳語→ comprehension conception empathy grasp ken thinking understanding uptake


wonderfully wonderful wondering

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