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おとずれる の訳語→ come present touch visit

おぼえる の訳語→ experience feel have know learn pick remember

かけひき の訳語→ bargaining dealing game

さしかかる の訳語→ close pass reach

とりかかる の訳語→ begin do fall start turn

にじり寄る の訳語→ creep inch roam slide step

ぶつける の訳語→ beat collision crash deliver drop expend gouge hit sling strike throw vent

まもなく の訳語→ almost eventually presently quickly shortly soon

やりかた の訳語→ art habit manner method number performance response style system tactic theory way

押し寄せる の訳語→ arise leap thronged

寄せる の訳語→ brush flood furrow hike hold issue place pull side sidle sweep

及ぶ の訳語→ go make

近づく の訳語→ advance draw march move near wait want

向かう の訳語→ bound head proceed sail take travel usher walk

考える の訳語→ absorb ask assume believe care chew compose conceive concentrate consider contemplate convinced count debate decide delve design determine disguise dwell examine expectation fancy feature figure find gather glance idea ideate imagine judge look meditate occur plan ponder process prospect question realize reason recall recognize regard register remembrance result ruminate scheme see seek speculate suggest suppose suspect theorize think thought through trouble waver weigh wonder

の訳語→ gradient hill sloping tilt

治療法 の訳語→ therapeutics treatment

取り組む の訳語→ apply match tackle work wrestle

の訳語→ appeal arm card craft dodge duke employ finger fingertip gambit grasp hand help kind lead maneuver option palm paw ploy reserve stunt techniques thing trick

手口 の訳語→ act device gimmick how job methodology possibility

手法 の訳語→ exercise passport pattern perspective practice

進み出る の訳語→ forward

進む の訳語→ break good headway tromp underway

進入 の訳語→ insertion penetration

切りだす の訳語→ chop say speak tell write

接近 の訳語→ access adit alongside approximation

接近する の訳語→ accost

接触 の訳語→ appulse communication contact encounter juxtaposition meeting

戦法 の訳語→ tactical

入る の訳語→ beginning catch emerge enter get join penetrate pitch put squeeze tag trod

迫る の訳語→ insist jump press push

方角 の訳語→ direction district

方針 の訳語→ cult ethos logic methods philosophy policy precept

方法 の訳語→ alternative arrangement course mean measure route technique

話しかける の訳語→ address confide talk

~になる の訳語→ be reduced to constitute create follow