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うごき の訳語→ gesture kick

しぐさ の訳語→ act display expression motion movement note sign wave way

たち の訳語→ bunch companion crowd sort type

ところ の訳語→ area aspect circumstance distance find house information issue moment nature neighbourhood one part picture place point post process quality something source spot streak surrounding time what where

ふう の訳語→ mode seem

ぶり の訳語→ behavior how

やりかた の訳語→ approach art habit method number performance response style system tactic theory

やり方 の訳語→ course game methodology option procedure routine scheme solution

スタイル の訳語→ figure garb styling

格好 の訳語→ appearance attitude cloth in position wear

具合 の訳語→ condition feel health state

口ぶり の訳語→ delivery say sound speak term tone voice word

口調 の訳語→ accent address conversation diction discourse drawl look

仕草 の訳語→ move

姿勢 の訳語→ bearing oneself pose posture practice rule stature

身のこなし の訳語→ action antic grace

人柄 の訳語→ character personality presence temperament

生き物 の訳語→ creature life

態度 の訳語→ belief colors fashion intrinsic lead line mood relationship stance willingness

調子 の訳語→ air apostrophe beat cadence convey curve echo-like effect faculty key pace rate stroke tempo trend vein

動き の訳語→ activity commotion fluttering goings-on happen incentive session

の訳語→ breeze bullshit custom kind of sickness suggest wind

風情 の訳語→ dude elegant exterior impression

物腰 の訳語→ carriage demeanor discretion

雰囲気 の訳語→ airy atmosphere atmospherics aura climate context edge environment flavor karma occasion persona situation vibe

面持ち の訳語→ face

様子 の訳語→ about apparent appear behaviour indication layout spirit temper that thing welfare

流儀 の訳語→ code idea mean

礼儀 の訳語→ civility courtesy decency politeness propriety protocol thank-you

礼節 の訳語→ attentiveness etiquette

話しぶり の訳語→ elocution hear