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いくつかの の訳語→ certain few half-dozen many some various

いくらか の訳語→ bit bob little more rather slight slightly small somewhat spot

うっすらと の訳語→ dim dimply faint faintly gently half mere tentatively thin thinly

くらい の訳語→ about almost case nearly quite

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything as business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem process question reason scale score sense shit solution story stuff target task that thing time truth what word worth

これ の訳語→ she then this which

すごい の訳語→ amazing astonishing better fabulous fantastic fierce gee gnarly God good great hell kick-ass kickass knockout lot monster pretty rum sensational sheer terrible tits uncanny very wild wonderful

ちょっと の訳語→ brief briefly brisk but casually fairly hey hi jiffy just maybe merely mildly nominal now pinch psst pure quick quickly right sec short shortly simply sort subtly totally touch tut while

ちょっとした の訳語→ clever high-class inconsequential minor modest seasoned sensible simple tiny trifle trifling wee

つねに の訳語→ always generally

とか の訳語→ including

ところ の訳語→ area aspect circumstance distance find house information issue manner nature neighbourhood one picture place point post quality source streak surrounding way where

どこか の訳語→ grapevine look obviously partly somebody somehow someplace somewhere vaguely wherever

どことなく の訳語→ amused dimly mild remotely vague

なかなか の訳語→ admirably awfully considerably deeply enough every extremely hardly highly kind kindly late moderately most positively real really reasonably reluctantly remarkably repeatedly rich stubbornly such

なにか の訳語→ casual embarrassment incoherently someone

なんだか の訳語→ could probably seem seemingly

なんとか の訳語→ barely contrive desperately etc. finally somethin’ still succeed thingy whatsit

の訳語→ all like of purpose than though to wonder

ひとかどの の訳語→ considerable passable

ひとこと の訳語→ address curtly interruption nothing phrase remark retort statement succinctly

ひとつ の訳語→ another same

もの の訳語→ base clothing component creature dick element factor fellow important ingredient instrument man note object oyster people person possession private rest subject worthy

やつ の訳語→ anybody bloke boy chap creep customer figure fucker guy he his man-jack onion puppy son-of-a-bitch son-of-a-gun stallion talent type you

コツ の訳語→ key knack pointer ritual rope secret

悪くない の訳語→ glad medium-pretty nice tolerable wish

意地悪 の訳語→ bully difficult hatred mean rude

何か の訳語→ aught presence whatever

何とか の訳語→ only

何となく の訳語→ indefinable

の訳語→ air attention chi composure concentration convinced desire feel feeling heart hunch impulse intention interest life mind mood motive nerve nerves oneself qi temper thought vitality

材料 の訳語→ chip collateral fodder fund material piece seating spool staple

事柄 の訳語→ example

場合によっては の訳語→ perhaps sometimes

情報 の訳語→ advice advisory ammo data end happening info informed intelligence knowledge line message reference report sign suggestion tip witting

真似 の訳語→ model rival

多少 の訳語→ iota less

大した の訳語→ big catch enormous magnificent remarkable significant slashing terrific thundering

大物 の訳語→ big-time biggie high leader major prince senior whopper

同然 の訳語→ indistinguishable know practically tantamount virtually

の訳語→ answer avenue career choice destiny footpath journey lane option path pathway possibility road route street street-corner track tract trail vestibule

特別 の訳語→ administrative below-the-line exception exceptional extra fancy particularity particularly raging special

の訳語→ product role

物体 の訳語→ hulk shape

雰囲気 の訳語→ airy atmosphere atmospherics aura climate context demeanor edge effect environment flavor persona scheme situation tone vibe

の訳語→ affair expression face facet field front page section side trait

余韻 の訳語→ echo finish influence

要素 の訳語→ attribute category concomitant feature force parameter value

話題 の訳語→ anecdote conversation discussion goody talk talking point topic