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気づく の訳語→ appreciate assaile attach catch discover feel figure find guess hear identify isolate know learn listen make match note notice noticeable occur realise realize recognize see sense spot strike uncover understand

悟る の訳語→ acknowledge ascertain clued decide glom master perceive reflect take think

思い の訳語→ design emotion emotional fancy feeling imagine mind mood question realization reflection sensation thought time

自覚 の訳語→ awareness

情報 の訳語→ advice advisory ammo data end happening idea info information informed intelligence line material message news reference remark report sign something source stuff suggestion that thing tip witting word

心あたり の訳語→ sure

知っている の訳語→ get have ken possess remember

知る の訳語→ beset care concern grasp review tell understood

知識 の訳語→ acquaintance acquaintanceship cognition fact insight interest learning understanding wrinkle

秘密 の訳語→ agent arcanum clandestine furtive ignorant rope secrecy secret silent skeleton sneak tight-vested why

knowledge problem knowledgeable knowledgeless