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いう の訳語→ accuse add address admit advise affirm agree air announce assure blurt call claim confess confide continue cry declare describe discuss divulge exclaim explain express expression give hint insist intone invite kind know like liken make mention muse note object observe phrase point proffer promise pronouncement propose put read recite refer reflect remark repeat replay reply resume say show sing snap sound speak suggest swear talk tell think unburden urge volunteer warn

やってくる の訳語→ arrive come get materialize over result tread visit waddle walk

の訳語→ bruiting consensus fable gossip hear inform rumor rumour speculation story stuff trash wag word

結果 の訳語→ aftermath because consequence effect fallout finally fruit meaning on outcome product ramification resultant subsequence take thing

言葉 の訳語→ admonition analogy ask avowal comment compliment concept declaration estimate estimation gush information insult interpretation item language mean name noise phraseology plea proposal protest question remarks rhetoric rule sentence shot speech standard statement suggestion term tone tongue utterance voice way wording words

語る の訳語→ account communicate convey deliver detail indicate relate repetition set share state teach utter

情報 の訳語→ advice advisory ammo data end happening idea info informed intelligence knowledge line material message news reference sign something source that tip witting

成績 の訳語→ fact grade performance success

の訳語→ argument belief commonplace history notion science theory

訴える の訳語→ appeal argue betray champion complain evocative find imploring move muster pleading sprout sue

調査 の訳語→ case enquiry inquiry inquisition investigate investigation investigative operation quest research scouting survey

伝える の訳語→ bequeath carry channel notify pass perpetuate proclaim relay transmit

届ける の訳語→ bring disseminate drop provide supply

部下 の訳語→ assistant corps employee followership grunt guy man one’s people sidekick underling

報じる の訳語→ reveal write

報告 の訳語→ briefing indications notification wrinkle

報告する の訳語→ brief recount release

報告書 の訳語→ mark summary

報道 の訳語→ announcement coverage flash journalism press

の訳語→ agreement business campaign chat choice commitment conference conversation cycle deal description dialogue discussion episode eventuality evidence explanation favor incident legend lie matter mouth narrative negotiation offer part piece pitch proceeding proposition racket reasoning recounting situation subject tale talking thread topic torrent truth version yarn

言う の訳語→ acquiesce admonish answer assert begin contend demand direct get at have imply instruct mutter order profess pronounce recall respond return sell submit unload venture whisper

reportage reportedly reporter