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いきさつ の訳語→ case cause circumstance happen history how prehistory reason story

いざこざ の訳語→ confrontation scene trouble

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything as circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem process question scale score sense shit solution something stuff target task that thing time truth what word worth

できごと の訳語→ episode unfolding venture

の訳語→ all like of purpose than though to wonder

ほう の訳語→ direction man oh one person

まね の訳語→ riff simulation takeoff

やりとり の訳語→ activity company conversation dealing encounter goings-on interchange transaction

やり口 の訳語→ act measure method number procedure way

ビジネスマン の訳語→ businessman businessperson people

一件 の訳語→ fuss incident job

稼業 の訳語→ career life profession trade

会社 の訳語→ agency board corps firm industry office outfit

関係 の訳語→ alliance association authorized bearing connection consequence footing handle interested involvement pursuit relation relationship stand term tie

企業 の訳語→ concern corporate corporation enterprise owner producer

の訳語→ buyer caller client clientele crowd customer guest occupant partner party punter visitor

の訳語→ practice stroke

業界 の訳語→ arena sector world

勤め の訳語→ work

経緯 の訳語→ state

経済 の訳語→ economic economy financial money

計画 の訳語→ ambition arrangement plan planning playbook projet prospect schema

の訳語→ affair information issue item routine situation

権限 の訳語→ authority jurisdiction privilege

権利 の訳語→ courtesy power right rights

見せかけ の訳語→ appearance dissimulation pageant semblance similitude varnish

行為 の訳語→ ass behavior conduct deed do exercise exertion feasance feat gesture gripe malice misconduct performance

作業 の訳語→ detail effort official

仕事 の訳語→ assignment billet care chore contract crap deal desk duty employment flow function game gig labor mission morsel operation project sledding specialty undertaking weariness

仕事上の の訳語→ professional working

使命 の訳語→ destiny

市場 の訳語→ bazaar emporium market marketplace mart plaza suk

資格 の訳語→ admission claim competency license position role

の訳語→ need opportunity respect serious sort subject turn

事業 の訳語→ initiative

事件 の訳語→ attempt crime disturbance epiphany file investigation l’affaire lawsuit scam squeal tragedy trial

事務的な の訳語→ administrative factual formal mechanical

出来事 の訳語→ accident account sitting

商売 の訳語→ cater opertion profit selling

状況 の訳語→ background condition events paradigm pattern place reality scenario set-out spot surrounding

心づもり の訳語→ guess intention

狙い の訳語→ aspire mean object objective trail

騒動 の訳語→ commotion crisis dust-up fight fracas furor kerfuffle plate riot strife yeast

代物 の訳語→ find

の訳語→ ambience club commerce crib establishment house joint management night-club saloon shack shop store

任務 の訳語→ medicine posting remit responsibility up

売上げ の訳語→ content finance gross

犯罪 の訳語→ criminal

本題 の訳語→ explanation nub point

問題 の訳語→ aspect bone challenge choice count difficulty dirt element flap interest nature pain palaver problematically product proposition reference risk scrape sore topic troublesome

用向き の訳語→ communication wish

用事 の訳語→ appointment behalf nevermind toil want

冷静 の訳語→ aloof careful composure cool dispassionate head irrespective placidity poise posture quiet quietness unruffled

の訳語→ agreement campaign chat commitment conference cycle describe description dialogue discuss discussion eventuality evidence favor intelligence legend lie mouth narrative negotiation notion offer piece pitch proceeding racket reasoning recounting relate report say speak suggestion tale talk talking tell thread torrent version yarn

サラリーマン の訳語→ office worker worker

businessman businessperson