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いきさつ の訳語→ business case circumstance happen history how prehistory reason story

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything as circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem process question scale score sense shit solution something stuff target task that thing time truth what word worth

ひきおこす の訳語→ generate lift perform

もたらす の訳語→ buy create draw effectuate engender inspire produce provide put send yield

もちだす の訳語→ bring describe get initiate invoke mention offer quote raise return say take use

よぶ の訳語→ call have invite summon whip

起こす の訳語→ arousal begin cock hold make right start straighten wake

起こる の訳語→ come cook develop do go occur result rise rouse

議論 の訳語→ argue argument debate debater discuss discussion fray

原因 の訳語→ because blame explanation factor impell knell outcome source why

言い分 の訳語→ complain perception

口実 の訳語→ cover-story excuse fantasy justification means pretext subterfuge way

事情 の訳語→ breed deliberation detail development direction everything information necessity reality recital situation statement

の訳語→ example line possibility seed species theme ticket topic

招く の訳語→ can entertain hire incur instigate introduce leave mean tempt

食らう の訳語→ pay

信念 の訳語→ belief conviction credo faith firmness persuasion rabid

投げかける の訳語→ aim cast fling focus project shower

伴う の訳語→ entail

目的 の訳語→ custom effect effort end goal motive promise purpose

要因 の訳語→ driver parameter

理想 の訳語→ ideal theory value

理由 の訳語→ answer basis benefit ground point ratio

立てる の訳語→ advance claw cross dig earn emit form honour