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あてがう の訳語→ dose fit fix furnish offer on prop provide push to

あてる の訳語→ assign bring detail hold jam lay press squeeze

あらわす の訳語→ identify reflect revelation suggest

いいから の訳語→ anyway just now

いう の訳語→ accuse add address admit advise affirm agree air announce assure blurt call claim confess confide continue cry declare describe discuss divulge exclaim explain express expression give hint insist intone invite kind know like liken make mention muse note object observe phrase point proffer promise pronouncement propose read recite refer remark repeat replay reply report resume say show sing snap sound speak swear talk tell think unburden urge volunteer warn

おく の訳語→ complete drop engage get have keep pause place rest set settle take thrust

おさめる の訳語→ deposit experience hide in return

かける の訳語→ about begin bestow cover crank dump equip hook launch nearly pay pepper play run scamper seat shake sit sling spend start throw under waste wear worth wrap

くわえる の訳語→ chew couple direct gobble insert stick visit

さげる の訳語→ carry clear dangle grip tip with

さしのべる の訳語→ extend render

さしむける の訳語→ send

さす の訳語→ break cast craze cross nod represent shine sport stab strike

さらす の訳語→ bleach present risk subject

しまう の訳語→ file finally stash store

しめす の訳語→ communicate demonstrate emphasise evince sustain

つかむ の訳語→ catch clasp close clutch figure find gather grab grasp land learn reach snaffle understand

つきだす の訳語→ jab lean move poke

つく の訳語→ achieve attendance belong come dispose draw explore fill head hit imprint man ride serve supply

つける の訳語→ adjust bear flip follow light plant plunge shed use write

つっこむ の訳語→ persist prod slip

なる の訳語→ allow amount apt assume become change create develop feel generate go grow join mark pass potential turn

ねじこむ の訳語→ screw stuff

のせる の訳語→ shift

はさむ の訳語→ between center cradle inject interrupt tuck

はめる の訳語→ don frame

ふさぐ の訳語→ cram encumber mask occupy

ふるう の訳語→ deliver exercise exert handle

まわす の訳語→ dial ease raise roll ship spin spread transfer transmit work

もたらす の訳語→ buy cause effectuate engender inspire produce yield

もちだす の訳語→ initiate invoke quote

もどす の訳語→ duke reintroduction

握らせる の訳語→ hand

移す の訳語→ displace fidget infuse remit

隠す の訳語→ conceal disguise elide ensconce pretend restrain secret shadow

延期 の訳語→ additional adjournment continuance postponement stay

押さえる の訳語→ touch wipe

押しあてる の訳語→ nudge

解釈 の訳語→ allege conclusion explanation interpretation rendering version

気にする の訳語→ attention bother care concern count disturb fret matter mind protective regret study worry

詰める の訳語→ checkmate

言葉 の訳語→ admonition analogy ask avowal comment compliment concept declaration estimate estimation gush information insult item language mean name noise phraseology plea proposal protest question remarks rhetoric rule sentence shot speech standard statement suggestion term thing tone tongue utterance voice way word wording words

差し込む の訳語→ inlet

使う の訳語→ apply devote do employ involve manipulate operate try

捨てる の訳語→ abandon discard discount empty forgo jettison lose pour rejection scrap spare without

収める の訳語→ enjoy repose straighten

出す の訳語→ convey display let open outright pitch pop pull submit surrender

書く の訳語→ account dash edit leave scribe sign writer writing

乗せる の訳語→ cheat

据える の訳語→ bat mount position

設ける の訳語→ designate establish

送る の訳語→ dispatch escort lead live see steer walk

打つ の訳語→ beat smack spank

置く の訳語→ lie plunk

注ぐ の訳語→ lavish stir

追いやる の訳語→ condemn dismiss shoo sweep whip

添える の訳語→ append poise

貼る の訳語→ affix placard sole

賭ける の訳語→ bet gamble hazard never pawn stake wager

投げ込む の訳語→ hurl

突っ込む の訳語→ hurtle project pursue search

入る の訳語→ approach beginning emerge enter fall march penetrate proceed tag trod

入れる の訳語→ feed import venture

並べる の訳語→ align arrange array compile line next shove

放っておく の訳語→ ignore

埋める の訳語→ bury dip invest lower

の訳語→ blind eye eyeball eyelid gaze judgment lid look optic peeper sight time treatment vision

言う の訳語→ acquiesce admonish answer assert contend demand get at imply indicate instruct mouth mutter order profess pronounce recall relate respond sell state unload whisper

おさらばする の訳語→ escape out of

putrescence putrid