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いじる の訳語→ adjust deal juggle move pet tip twist

うかぶ の訳語→ cross pass register see strike touch

うたう の訳語→ praise sing

かける の訳語→ about begin bestow cover crank dump equip hook launch lay make nearly pay pepper place provide put rest run say scamper seat set shake show sit sling spend start take throw under waste wear worth wrap

きめこむ の訳語→ intent

する の訳語→ acquire become bring come conduct develop do fall feel gain get give go incline keep manage observe offer switch tell try use want

つかむ の訳語→ catch clasp close clutch figure find gather grab grasp grip hold know land learn reach snaffle understand

とぼける の訳語→ guile shirk

ふざける の訳語→ funny goof horseplay loon romp waggish

もてあそぶ の訳語→ enjoy finger fuck interfere roll scout tamper worry

やる の訳語→ act all earn follow force handle happen inhale murder perform pull send smoke stoop tackle work

よぎる の訳語→ across appear drift hit swim

演じる の訳語→ cast commit feign

加減 の訳語→ application brand point quality

楽しむ の訳語→ fun like love pleasure relax revel sip

気どる の訳語→ enact false hear

仕掛ける の訳語→ perpetrate

芝居 の訳語→ actor game masquerade part performance playacting theatre

従う の訳語→ atrail attend committed comply serve stand support

勝負 の訳語→ action duel event fight fuckin’ match race score

吹く の訳語→ blow boast burst course puff

占める の訳語→ absorb capture fill house occupy

相手にする の訳語→ back have meet mind

打つ の訳語→ bat beat smack sound spank

聴く の訳語→ hearken listen

夢中だ の訳語→ adore care

鳴らす の訳語→ blast honk press snap toot

鳴る の訳語→ bleat chink clack echo ring rise wail

遊び の訳語→ adventure entertainment practice sport

利用する の訳語→ capitalize push salvage

流す の訳語→ channel circulate drain feed flush stream wash

流れる の訳語→ coast escape flow travel

遊ぶ の訳語→ hang out horse idleness playdate

守る の訳語→ abide adhere carry cling defend ensure field honour manage to protect obey preserve protect stick uphold visor

playactor playbook played-out playfully playful playground playwear