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こなす の訳語→ control do handle work

さばく の訳語→ dispose field heckle move preside quell resolve take

する の訳語→ acquire become bring come conduct develop fall feel gain get give go incline keep make observe offer play provide show switch tell try use want

せいいっぱい の訳語→ effort great most

できる の訳語→ able assemble can capable chance good have know open permissible possible power understand will yes

とりしきる の訳語→ apply

やりくりする の訳語→ compensate fool

管理する の訳語→ administrate controlling run superintend supervise

牛耳る の訳語→ dominate rule

苦心する の訳語→ finagle seek

工夫 の訳語→ mender scheme

処理する の訳語→ crunch matter see wrangle

上手に の訳語→ carefully deftly efficiently judicious neatly proficiently skilful slickly

浮かべる の訳語→ assume break cross impart

無理に の訳語→ artificially forcibly strenuous struggle tightly wildly

manage to protect manageability manageable management managerial manager