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〜しておく の訳語→ leave remain

あう の訳語→ get have suffer

おく の訳語→ complete drop engage hold lay pause place provide put rest set settle take thrust

しきりに の訳語→ bitterly busily conjecture copiously desperately eagerly earnestly endlessly fluently frequently furiously hard imperiously incessantly insistently intently much often rapid steadfastly terribly urge urgent urgently variously

しつこく の訳語→ naggingly narrowly pester relentless stubbornly

しまいこむ の訳語→ deposit shuffle

しまう の訳語→ file finally hide make stash store

する の訳語→ acquire become bring come conduct develop do fall feel gain give go incline manage observe offer play show switch tell try use want

そそる の訳語→ arouse invite provoke quicken stir whet

そのまま の訳語→ consequently continue directly docile exact frankly immediate immediately instantly let originally perfectly plain same simply straight then there unconsciously whole

つい の訳語→ actually always automatically but day easily inadvertently involuntarily involuntary just mere only quite slightly sometimes tend typically unintentionally unwisely very

つきあう の訳語→ accompany carry date deal indulge intercourse join know meet mix see treat understand

つくろう の訳語→ mince recover redress

つづける の訳語→ add follow insist maintain persevere persist running say sustain

とどく の訳語→ arrive penetrate

どんどん の訳語→ aggressively all constantly dramatically fair fast good gradually increasingly quickly rapidly steadily

ひきとめる の訳語→ catch detain

ひっきりなしに の訳語→ constant continually continuous incessant steady unceasing

まとめる の訳語→ assemble catalog collect compile gather marshal orchestrate pack pick present reduce work

やまない の訳語→ forever so

やる の訳語→ act earn force handle happen inhale murder perform pull run send smoke start stoop tackle

引っ張る の訳語→ move squeeze

隠す の訳語→ conceal cover disguise elide ensconce fix mask plunge pretend restrain secret shadow stuff tuck

遠ざける の訳語→ alienate dismiss ward

押しつける の訳語→ burden grind hand impose obliging plant press saddle shift

押し込む の訳語→ cram hurry pile shove

何度も の訳語→ again fussily intermittently iteratively multiple over regularly repeated

過ごす の訳語→ company live night pass slip spend spent stay

覚える の訳語→ conscious discover experience figure find learn mark memorise memory muster remember seize

堪える の訳語→ bear fight

幾度も の訳語→ many thrice

継続 の訳語→ continuation longevity

護る の訳語→ guard protect save serve

向ける の訳語→ aim beam channel face level orient point shoot swing turn vouchsafe

残す の訳語→ bequeath utter write

持つ の訳語→ assume entertain share

常に の訳語→ anytime continuously each evermore seamlessly unending

飾る の訳語→ doozy varnish

心に残る の訳語→ adhesive recollection

絶やさない の訳語→ preserve still

相変わらず の訳語→ ever usual

続ける の訳語→ pursue

大事に の訳語→ careful carefully prudently

大切にする の訳語→ devoted embrace

置く の訳語→ cradle lie plunk sit

調整する の訳語→ adjust groom interface reconcile throttle

避ける の訳語→ abhor avert avoid beat distance dogleg eliminate eschew fob ignore refuse resist spurn

保つ の訳語→ survive uphold

歩く の訳語→ loose lope lurk march navigate pace proceed step tread walk walking wander

抱える の訳語→ clutch

免れる の訳語→ relieve spare

抑える の訳語→ check control curb damp master oppress overpass quash rein stifle stop suppress surmount

守る の訳語→ abide adhere cling defend ensure field honour manage to protect obey salvage stick visor

keep tabs on keeper keeping keepsake