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ああ の訳語→ gawsh God ma’am Mm my no oh okay phew profound son though too why yeah yes

あいかわらず の訳語→ continue continuing look still usual

いつもの の訳語→ accustomed always customary familiar normal normally old one’s perennial reserved usually

おなじ の訳語→ ditto like model original share

きまっている の訳語→ apt certainly naturally would

この の訳語→ here his last new past present recent such that these this those you

すなわち の訳語→ : basically i.e. really

そう の訳語→ correct entirely exactly follow good meet much perhaps right seem so sure truly

そっくり の訳語→ all completely entire every everything full life whole

その の訳語→ certain her its own sheer

そのまま の訳語→ consequently directly docile exact frankly immediate immediately instantly keep let originally perfectly plain remain simply straight then there unconsciously

なおも の訳語→ further little long

ひとつ の訳語→ another one part something thing

ひとつの の訳語→ singular

また の訳語→ additionally again also as back indeed more plus pretty resume while

またしても の訳語→ anew

やはり の訳語→ actually either equally likewise only other probably therefore

一つ の訳語→ among simple slight some

一つの の訳語→ autonomous partly specific

一緒 の訳語→ company

一緒に の訳語→ alongside associate simultaneously together

一様に の訳語→ seamlessly

繰り返す の訳語→ echo iterate iterative often regular regurgitate reiterate repeatedly reprise

揃って の訳語→ both none

同じ の訳語→ coincide fellow imply similar similarly with

同じような の訳語→ competitive corresponding kindred unchanging

例の の訳語→ famous typically