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あいかわらず の訳語→ continue continuing look same still

いつも の訳語→ abiding absolutely all always constant constantly ever evermore every exclusively forever generally invariable invariably long never normally other perpetual perpetually rarely regularly religiously routinely so sometimes steady strictly throughout traditionally unwavering used wholly

いつもながら の訳語→ usually

いつもながらの の訳語→ old typical

いつもの の訳語→ accustomed customary familiar normal one’s perennial reserved

いつものように の訳語→ that

お決まりの の訳語→ running standard stereotypical

お定まりの の訳語→ predictably

ごくありきたりの の訳語→ common simple

ふだん の訳語→ ordinary

ふつう の訳語→ customarily normality often right

よくある の訳語→ bromide plenty

一定の の訳語→ certain fixed uniform

行きつけの の訳語→ favorite favourite

持ち前の の訳語→ belong inherent naturally own

従来の の訳語→ conservative conventional traditional

昔ながらの の訳語→ ancient classical classically historic old-fashioned old-guy

相も変わらぬ の訳語→ another

相変わらず の訳語→ again keep maintain

相変わらずの の訳語→ this

通りいっぺんの の訳語→ formal perfunctory

通常の の訳語→ ordinarily regular

典型的な の訳語→ archetypal canonical classic modal quintessence real

当然ながら の訳語→ clearly logical obviously understandably

独特の の訳語→ distinctive of peculiar unique

日課 の訳語→ daily routine

毎度 の訳語→ hourly

の訳語→ case course example indication instance occasion paradigm tradition way

例によって の訳語→ characteristically inevitable

例の の訳語→ famous these those typically