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いつでも の訳語→ always anytime consistently constantly frequently just never permanently readily

いつも の訳語→ abiding absolutely all constant ever evermore every exclusively forever generally invariable long normally other perpetual perpetually rarely regularly religiously routinely so sometimes steady strictly throughout traditionally unwavering used usual wholly

いつもは の訳語→ ordinarily usually

きっと の訳語→ bet bitterly blankly but certainly definitely doubtless fixedly hard have likely maybe must obviously ought perhaps presumably probably stiffly sure then tightly truly undoubtedly will

きまって の訳語→ inevitably often

たいてい の訳語→ essentially mainly nearly practically principally

たえず の訳語→ ceaselessly continually endless endlessly incessantly

どうしても の訳語→ barely desperately eventually inalterably inescapably insist irresistible most mostly quite really simply somehow stubbornly would

誰もが の訳語→ everyone none

必ず の訳語→ certainty obligatory

必然的に の訳語→ automatically perforce

決まって の訳語→ as a matter of tradition