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〜ながら の訳語→ although as despite though while

〜ながらも の訳語→ even nevertheless otherwise with

いや の訳語→ boy except gad hate indeed more neh no nope not oh sick um weary well why yes

おかげで の訳語→ because so therefore

かといって の訳語→ either

の訳語→ however if instead now then until when

きっと の訳語→ always bet bitterly blankly certainly definitely doubtless fixedly hard have invariably just likely maybe must obviously ought perhaps presumably probably stiffly sure tightly truly undoubtedly will

くせに の訳語→ at notwithstanding

さりとて の訳語→ still

しかも の訳語→ actually alone also besides especially fairly interestingly plus yet

じゃ の訳語→ merely yeah

すると の訳語→ suddenly where which

そのかわり の訳語→ balance

それだけに の訳語→ consequently

それで の訳語→ next there

それでいて の訳語→ somehow withal

それでも の訳語→ anyway nonetheless

それどころか の訳語→ worst

それにしても の訳語→ surely

それはそうと の訳語→ incidentally

それはともかく の訳語→ whatever

それより の訳語→ mostly

ただ の訳語→ all bum meaningless nothing only plain purely quite rather really sheer silently simply solitary sometimes that totally

ただし の訳語→ mind

だが の訳語→ meanwhile

だけ の訳語→ confine confined entirely exclusively least limit own precisely very

だって の訳語→ Jesus possible too

ちょっと の訳語→ almost bit brief briefly brisk casually faintly few hey hi jiffy little mildly moment nearly nominal pinch pretty psst pure quick quickly right sec short shortly slight slightly small some something somewhat sort subtly touch tut

つい の訳語→ automatically day easily inadvertently involuntarily involuntary keep mere tend typically unintentionally unwisely

つまり の訳語→ essentially exactly i.e. mean particularly

の訳語→ accordance depend whenever

でも の訳語→ already aw example once regarding unfortunately

の訳語→ eventually need sudden

といって の訳語→ : moreover

ところが の訳語→ unhappily

ところで の訳語→ way

とにかく の訳語→ absolutely altogether first for sorta try

どうも の訳語→ guess most much personally

どのみち の訳語→ aught

ながら の訳語→ during

なにしろ の訳語→ since

の訳語→ against around on

ほかに の訳語→ another else further present

ほんの の訳語→ desperately precious relatively

まあ の訳語→ God might okay

まず の訳語→ certain good initially often practically rarely

まったく の訳語→ apparent cold completely considerably distinctly exact exceedingly extremely fully genuine gevalt goddamn gosh great hell intense man naturally never outstanding perfectly squeaky strongly such supremely vastly virtually what

もちろん の訳語→ ’course forsooth true

もっとも の訳語→ appropriate highly reasonable sound ultimately unless

案外 の訳語→ possibly strangely surprise surprisingly unexpected

実際 の訳語→ actuality fact practice

第一 の訳語→ finally primacy

同時に の訳語→ abruptly along concurrently simultaneous together

いわば の訳語→ largely per se proverbially this

そして の訳語→ hence in the meantime

一方 の訳語→ on the other hand one-way simultaneously

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