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つい の訳語→ actually always automatically but easily hard inadvertently involuntarily involuntary just keep mere only quite simply slightly sometimes tend typically unintentionally unwisely very

とき の訳語→ moment occasion period point situation time when

の訳語→ after chronology clock hour season word

時間 の訳語→ afternoon class history instant length long opportunity pause schedule

時代 の訳語→ age century era generation phase regime things world

世代 の訳語→ epoch

の訳語→ lunch noon noontime

昼間 の訳語→ daylight

の訳語→ a.m. dawn early forenoon morning

の訳語→ date heat night sun sunlight

日付 の訳語→ calender

の訳語→ carcase death existence life live survival

日中 の訳語→ by day midday

の訳語→ darkness dusk evening rest of the evening

日々 の訳語→ by the day daily month year

daybook daydreamer daydream daylight dayspring