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この世 の訳語→ earth scene world

そっくり の訳語→ all completely entire every everything exactly full look same share so whole

意識 の訳語→ attention attitude aware awareness concept connotation conscious consciousness heart identity mind perception realization sense thought unrecognized way

一生 の訳語→ lifetime never permanent

運命 の訳語→ beads destine destiny down-zoned fatality fate future history karma live odd ordinance position treatment

稼業 の訳語→ business career dealing profession trade

活動 の訳語→ activity energy enterprise inquiry motion movement operation practice stuff work

危険 の訳語→ chance damage danger dangerous deadly hairy harm peril possibility potential pratfall risk safety trap

の訳語→ air chi composure concentration convinced desire feel feeling hunch idea impulse intention interest mood motive nerve nerves oneself purpose qi short something temper vitality wish

気持ち の訳語→ affection confidence courage craving emotion expectation love mentally need point sensation think urge

気力 の訳語→ alert ambition get-up-and-go soul spirit strength will

経験 の訳語→ conduit event experience expertise know memory thing

現実 の訳語→ actuality face fact nitty-gritty picture present real reality

仕事 の訳語→ assignment billet care chore contract crap deal desk do duty employment exercise flow function game gig job labor matter mission morsel occupation problem project sledding specialty story task undertaking weariness what

使命 の訳語→ news

事態 の訳語→ case circumstance condition consequence development gist moment outcome scenario situation things this

寿命 の訳語→ longevity recover time

身の上 の訳語→ affairs gossip past spot upbringing welfare

の訳語→ anybody anyone bloke boor everybody fella fellow folk friend gentleman guy human lady man men nature neighbour one onion other others people person somebody someone sport staff stranger student we whoever woman you

人員 の訳語→ airlift headcount

人生 の訳語→ existence living

の訳語→ age

世の中 の訳語→ country public that

の訳語→ alive perishable shore vague

生かす の訳語→ integrate make spare synchronize use

生きている の訳語→ apply okay

生き物 の訳語→ creature manner

生き方 の訳語→ lifestyle

生涯 の訳語→ being lifelong

生活 の訳語→ sleep

生命 の訳語→ anima death lifeblood vital

の訳語→ breath breathe breathing wind

日常 の訳語→ everyday routine

の訳語→ old year

暮らし の訳語→ subsistence

暮らす の訳語→ exist get spend survive

の訳語→ carcase day survival

毎日 の訳語→ daily every day schedule

世界 の訳語→ body community corner culture element environ fraternity image industry land landscape period place planet realm sphere territory this planet universe worldview

日々 の訳語→ by the day month

life jacket life-giving lifeblood lifelessly lifeless lifelike lifesize lifestyle lifetime