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かまける の訳語→ consumed permit

よく の訳語→ again all almost always better carefully close closely common constantly deeply dreadfully enormously exactly exceedingly frequent frequently fully further good great hard intimately like lot many mostly much occasional often once perfectly periodically prolonged properly quite really respectable seriously sometimes soundly strongly usually very vigorous well

サービス の訳語→ care cheaply reward

愛情 の訳語→ affection attachment love passion romantic tenderness

愛想 の訳語→ affability affecting cheerfulness civility contribution relief

意識 の訳語→ attitude aware awareness concept connotation conscious consciousness heart identity life mind perception realization sense thought unrecognized way

関心 の訳語→ anxiety concern fancy fascination idea interest notice sentiment urge want

の訳語→ air chi composure concentration convinced desire feel feeling hunch impulse intention mood motive nerve nerves oneself purpose qi short something temper vitality wish

気にする の訳語→ bother count disturb fret matter protective put regret study worry

気をとられる の訳語→ concentrate distracting distraction think

興味 の訳語→ amuse amusement appetite attraction curiosity enthusiasm hobby taste

警戒心 の訳語→ alarm alertness defense watchfulness wit

視線 の訳語→ examination eye eyelid gaze glance glare look scrutiny sight stare vision

手入れ の訳語→ bust crackdown hygiene investigation raid roundup

の訳語→ brain character emotion impersonal nature nous soul spirit spirits

心づかい の訳語→ caring gesture

神経 の訳語→ emotionally nervous nervousness

親切 の訳語→ considerate genteel heartiness helpful hospitality kind kindness solicitous

人目 の訳語→ conspicuous scene

注意 の訳語→ admonition advice caution caveat nevermind note order suggestion warn warning watchful witting

熱中 の訳語→ hot immersion uninvolved

の訳語→ beginning blind experience eyeball head judgment lid optic peeper term time treatment

目を向ける の訳語→ focus

こだわる の訳語→ adhere be obsessed with dwell fuss insistent obsess particular