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すがりつく の訳語→ cling grab

考える の訳語→ absorb approach ask assume believe care chew compose conceive concentrate consider contemplate convinced count debate decide delve design determine disguise examine expectation fancy feature feel figure find gather glance idea ideate imagine judge know look meditate occur plan ponder process prospect question realize reason recall recognize regard register remembrance result ruminate scheme see seek speculate suggest suppose suspect theorize think thought through trouble waver weigh wonder

思う の訳語→ accept admit anticipate anticipation apparently argue bear buy concern concerned conclude conjecture deem estimate expect frightened guess hope impression learn like love make mind notice pretend qualify realise reckon reflect remark remember seem sensible sound sure take tell terrify try understand view want wish

住む の訳語→ exist live stay

宿る の訳語→ have lade lodge rest

こだわる の訳語→ adhere attention be obsessed with fascination fuss insistent obsess particular