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確認する の訳語→ check claim confirm decide find investigate recognize sure verify vouch

最後 の訳語→ closing completion end finality last omega once

済ませる の訳語→ announce attend complete deal do have

思い知らされる の訳語→ appreciate awaken certain convincing discover feel learn realize

思う の訳語→ accept admit anticipate anticipation apparently argue ask assume bear believe buy concern concerned conjecture consider deem determine dwell estimate expect figure frightened guess hope idea imagine impression judge know like look love make mind notice occur plan pretend prospect qualify realise reckon reflect remark remember see seem sensible sound suppose suspect take tell terrify think thought try understand view want wish wonder

断定する の訳語→ identify predicate

判断する の訳語→ convince decision rule

諦める の訳語→ forget let go of resign

認める の訳語→ acceptance acknowledge admire agree attribute aware bless concede deign establish expose give sb credit grant ken realistic say self-identy show write