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いまの の訳語→ my that this

ぎりぎりの の訳語→ just scant scanty shoestring

ここ の訳語→ here now past there where

この の訳語→ his new present recent same such these those you

しまい の訳語→ end never

つづく の訳語→ continue follow go lead long next remain run stretch

はずれ の訳語→ beginning bottom bubkis corner down edge margin outskirt

もつ の訳語→ bear carry have own stand wearable

やっと の訳語→ anyway before begin belatedly eventually exactly finally good great laboriously only so soon then

ようやく の訳語→ barely fully gradually nearly rare reach reluctantly scarcely somehow till until

何よりも の訳語→ especially mainly moreover most primarily terribly

過去 の訳語→ background experience former history old yesterday

最近の の訳語→ current

最後 の訳語→ closing completion conclude finality omega once

最後に の訳語→ lastly still

最後の の訳語→ agonized fading final last-chance last-hope last-minute left rearmost terminal

最後部の の訳語→ aftermost backmost hindmost

最終 の訳語→ late

切れ端 の訳語→ snatch snip snippet

先の の訳語→ behind

続く の訳語→ endure hold lineage open

直前 の訳語→ by eve verge

亡くなる の訳語→ dead die pass

末期の の訳語→ incurable

唯一の の訳語→ best

lasting lastly