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あげる の訳語→ get give have heighten let lift offer place provide push raise rise say slip uncover utter

あてる の訳語→ assign bring detail fix jam lay press put squeeze

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find given go happen hear inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

おく の訳語→ complete drop engage keep pause rest settle take thrust

おさえる の訳語→ book catch dab prevent suppress

かかえこむ の訳語→ draw face

かかえる の訳語→ carry clasp cradle employ squat

かざす の訳語→ hover shield

かぶせる の訳語→ cover overlay replace shift tent

かまえる の訳語→ ready regard

こらす の訳語→ embroider strain

つかまえる の訳語→ corner grab hunt hurt pick rope stop

つかまる の訳語→ grip

つかむ の訳語→ close clutch figure gather grasp know land learn play snaffle understand

つなぐ の訳語→ fast release retrieve tether

つまむ の訳語→ chuck eat seize snack tweeze

つめる の訳語→ bate cut slide

とどまる の訳語→ stay

とめる の訳語→ park screw shove

とらえる の訳語→ allure apprehend encounter entrap follow identify impress isolate maneuver pass spot

とる の訳語→ assume interpret make pop register schedule sign suppose

にぎる の訳語→ control

はさむ の訳語→ between center inject interrupt show stick store tuck

ふりかざす の訳語→ brandish flash

みつめる の訳語→ consider contemplate eyeball look peer stare study watch

よそおう の訳語→ act claim false feign fictitious studied style try

握りしめる の訳語→ clench pump wring

押さえる の訳語→ touch wipe

含む の訳語→ among appear

寄せる の訳語→ approach brush flood furrow hike issue pull side sidle sweep

起こす の訳語→ arousal begin cause cock create right start straighten wake

詰める の訳語→ checkmate fill

掲げる の訳語→ fly list placard spout

控える の訳語→ copy eschew forgo loom omit refuse

催す の訳語→ arrange organize preside

載る の訳語→ contain

殺す の訳語→ butcher death kill murder neutralize slay whack zap

使う の訳語→ devote do manipulate operate spend supply use waste write

持ち主 の訳語→ belong man person with

持つ の訳語→ entertain share

執着 の訳語→ attachment connection fetish fixation love obsession preclude

取る の訳語→ collect establish measure rebound remove scoop scribble suckle suspect think undo

手にする の訳語→ acquire hand handle nurse

出す の訳語→ convey display express flip open outright pay pitch poke produce refer serve ship submit suggest surrender

上げる の訳語→ arch back boost crank move post uprear

正しい の訳語→ fine good justifiable prescribed valid virtue

静止する の訳語→ hang

組む の訳語→ cross entwine link plait

続く の訳語→ endure last lineage next

帯びる の訳語→ absorb tinge

逮捕する の訳語→ arrest crack swag

置く の訳語→ leave plunk

定員 の訳語→ capacity license quorum

定着 の訳語→ fastening fixing

伴う の訳語→ entail

保つ の訳語→ maintain observe protect save survive uphold

保持 の訳語→ keeping retainment retention

抱きしめる の訳語→ embrace hug

抱く の訳語→ held increase incubate rock support

預かる の訳語→ charge

抑える の訳語→ avoid beat check curb damp master oppress overpass quash rein resist stifle surmount

頼る の訳語→ depend dependent reliant rely trust

の訳語→ arm bicep conduct effort elbow expertise forearm quality seamanship shoulder skill

受け止める の訳語→ field take in

守る の訳語→ abide adhere cling defend ensure honour manage to protect obey preserve salvage visor

握る の訳語→ achieve fold pick up

holder holdout holdup