× Q  ?  翻訳類語辞典


ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait

いける の訳語→ doable good safe viable

いじくる の訳語→ fiddle finger fumble fuss muck paw tamper

いる の訳語→ alive exist father gather live look mean necessary require stay weary-looking

うまくいく の訳語→ accomplish flourish okay ripe successful

きく の訳語→ all appreciate ask check demand do enquire give heed hit know learn listen pay question receive respect take want

こなす の訳語→ control handle manage

その他もろもろ の訳語→ everything whatever

つとめる の訳語→ serve

はげむ の訳語→ perform toil

はたらく の訳語→ alert clearly employment

ひきつる の訳語→ draw flinch screw sink twist twitch witchy

ほぐす の訳語→ break ease loosen

まとめる の訳語→ assemble catalog collect compile keep marshal orchestrate pack pick reduce

まわす の訳語→ assign dial pass put raise refer roll send ship slip spin spread transfer transmit turn

やる の訳語→ act earn follow force inhale make murder play provide pull smoke start stoop tackle try

やること の訳語→ activity operation task

運ぶ の訳語→ achieve bring channel lift move stuff transport

演習 の訳語→ practice rehearsal

課題 の訳語→ challenge thing

絵を描く の訳語→ artistic paint

活動 の訳語→ energy enterprise inquiry life motion movement

関わる の訳語→ fit

の訳語→ knack representation skill

協力 の訳語→ assistance collaboration conjunction conspiration cooperate cooperation coordinate help noncollaboration service teamwork

教義 の訳語→ creed dogma tenet text theology

業績 の訳語→ accomplishment achievement memorabilia performance

勤め の訳語→ business job

検査 の訳語→ conditioning inspection lab search test

効き目がある の訳語→ influence

効く の訳語→ assist flow

工作 の訳語→ case maneuver

広がっている の訳語→ expanding lay

作業 の訳語→ detail effort exercise occupation official process

作動する の訳語→ answer burst tick

作品 の訳語→ piece ware

作用する の訳語→ impinge

仕事 の訳語→ assignment billet care career chore contract crap deal dealing desk duty function game gig labor matter mission morsel problem profession project sledding specialty story trade undertaking weariness what

仕事をする の訳語→ yoke

始末する の訳語→ destroy dispose

至る の訳語→ become grow

の訳語→ affair fact incident issue need opportunity serious situation sort subject trouble

事業 の訳語→ initiative

事件 の訳語→ attempt circumstance crime disturbance epiphany episode event file investigation l’affaire lawsuit scam squeal tragedy trial

取り組む の訳語→ approach match touch wrestle

の訳語→ appeal arm card craft dodge duke employ fall fingertip gambit grasp hand kind lead option palm ploy reserve sail scheme stunt techniques trick way

手直し の訳語→ modification revamp

処理 の訳語→ processing

の訳語→ appointment line position post vocational

職業 の訳語→ calling professional

世話 の訳語→ agency arrange bother company kindness

成り立つ の訳語→ count depend

成功する の訳語→ sell win

担当する の訳語→ attend cover oversee superintend

注意する の訳語→ advise beware caution remark scold tell warn wary watch

調整 の訳語→ coordination integration

通じる の訳語→ access correspond pervious privy register understand understanding

通用する の訳語→ accept valid

の訳語→ ambience club commerce crib establishment house joint management night-club place saloon shack shop store

当たる の訳語→ nasty pursue right scan with

働きかける の訳語→ call encourage finagle lobby push

働く の訳語→ cultivate

動いている の訳語→ crowd operating restless

動かす の訳語→ actuate animate churn circuit deploy operate shove skid stir

動く の訳語→ action dance dart shift walk wander

任務 の訳語→ medicine posting remit responsibility up

犯行 の訳語→ adventure track

奮闘する の訳語→ fight strive

変化 の訳語→ alteration change circle different disillusionment improvement modulation phenomenon transformation trend variance variant vicissitude

勉強 の訳語→ background education learning study

の訳語→ ability capacity clout confidence convulsion dint dynamics enthusiasm feature gift marrow might muscle pith power reservoir resource sense strength use will

腕前 の訳語→ expertise

努力する の訳語→ lay out

workable workaday worker workhorse workingman working workmanlike workman workout workshop worktop