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〜じゃない の訳語→ boy how

〜を装う の訳語→ mock pretended

あいかわらず の訳語→ continue continuing same still usual

あのね の訳語→ actually listen psst

あら の訳語→ aw dirt oh

あらためる の訳語→ change check examine inspect study

いいか の訳語→ buddy kid now okay well

いる の訳語→ alive exist father gather get live mean necessary presence remain require see sit stand stay there weary-looking work

うかがう の訳語→ alert challenge discern eye glance investigate note peer regard reveal scout search size trouble watch wonder

うなずける の訳語→ like possible

おい の訳語→ fella here say

かげ の訳語→ bottom depth shade shelter trace vapor

さがす の訳語→ comb figure find fish go hunt pick quarter seek shag track wade

じっと見る の訳語→ assess gaze quiz stare

そうだ の訳語→ acquiescence apparently can indeed right seem yeah

そっくり の訳語→ all completely entire every everything exactly full life share so whole

たたずまい の訳語→ layout proportions scenery

どうだ の訳語→ hallo

どこか の訳語→ certain faintly grapevine little obviously part partly some somebody somehow someplace something somewhat somewhere vaguely wherever

ながめる の訳語→ appraisal blink contemplate gloat observe peep survey view witness

にらみつける の訳語→ glare glower resent shot

にらむ の訳語→ assume conceive feel glue guess scowl suspect think

のぞきこむ の訳語→ crouch head lean meet peek

のぞく の訳語→ admire escape squint with

ひろげる の訳語→ annex broad broadly employ make

ふし の訳語→ burr clue indication strain

ふり返る の訳語→ remember turn

まなざし の訳語→ fashion

みたい の訳語→ appear sort

みたいだ の訳語→ clearly near seemingly

みつめる の訳語→ consider eyeball face hold

みる の訳語→ choose help overhear

よう の訳語→ baby hello hey howdy mister toots ump

ようだ の訳語→ present sound

一瞥 の訳語→ notice once-over

印象 の訳語→ air appearance conclusion expression feeling impress impression know memory perception sensation strike suggestion thought

引く の訳語→ catch decrease draw invite lead pull rack rule run squeeze subtract thin tilt trawl tug win

の訳語→ burden flicker outline patch reflection shadow shape silhouette smudge wave

外観 の訳語→ facade

外見 の訳語→ image outfit semblance similitude stance surface

恰好 の訳語→ about action costume gesture getup pose posture sight state way wear

感じ の訳語→ awareness opinion probably quality sense vibe

感じられる の訳語→ aware convey detect perceptibly

観察 の訳語→ concern contemplation decide estimate examination inspection observance observation reconnaissance theory

観察する の訳語→ analyse monitor observant scrutinize

の訳語→ looks peeper

の訳語→ ass attitude cheek cheeks chin comlexion connection facial feature fixer frown hand headbone icon mug people reputation self tomato top visage

顔つき の訳語→ character countenance sharp

顔を出す の訳語→ attend come probe use

器量 の訳語→ caliber looker

輝き の訳語→ dazzling gloss glow incandescence light luminosity radiance

見える の訳語→ discover ken observable read show suggest take viewable

見かけ の訳語→ outside

見すえる の訳語→ fix

見せかける の訳語→ mask pretending

見せる の訳語→ betray demonstrate display express flash give presume pretend surrender

見たところ の訳語→ apparent around visible

見た目 の訳語→ token

見つめる の訳語→ concentrate linger

見て の訳語→ in point

見ている の訳語→ envision recognize

見まわす の訳語→ cast pan scan

見るからに の訳語→ easy eminently evidently obvious patently thoroughly very visibly

見送る の訳語→ balk forgo overpass wait

見張る の訳語→ baby-sit command secure

見物 の訳語→ crowd kick spectacular spectator

の訳語→ beam brightness gleam glint lightning shine sun

口調 の訳語→ accent address conversation delivery diction discourse drawl manner speak tone voice

向く の訳語→ slide swing wander

考える の訳語→ absorb approach ask believe care chew compose convinced count debate delve design determine disguise dwell expectation fancy idea ideate imagine judge meditate occur plan ponder process prospect question realize reason recall register remembrance result ruminate scheme speculate suppose theorize through waver weigh

姿 の訳語→ aspect dress form montage picture scene sign

思う の訳語→ accept admit anticipate anticipation argue bear buy concerned conclude conjecture deem expect frightened hope learn love mind qualify realise reckon reflect remark sensible sure tell terrify try understand want wish

視線 の訳語→ attention eyelid scrutiny vision

手をつける の訳語→ begin plunder reach spend start steal touch

の訳語→ style

照合する の訳語→ compare

の訳語→ color coloring hint hue lust mark pigment tinge

振り返る の訳語→ back retrograde retrospective sift stop

身体つき の訳語→ frame physique

捜査 の訳語→ activity inquiry investigation investigative searching unit

捜索 の訳語→ sweep tracing

体裁 の訳語→ artificial dignity format

態度 の訳語→ bearing behavior belief colors intrinsic line mode mood motion personality position relationship willingness

探す の訳語→ grope need test

知れる の訳語→ recognise

注意する の訳語→ advise beware caution heed scold warn wary

眺める の訳語→ behold noodle pass

調べる の訳語→ breakdown clear confirm do explore extricate inventory open reference review shake sleuth sus

直視する の訳語→ confront

読む の訳語→ indicate proofread prophesy scarcely

覗く の訳語→ browse poke spy

美貌 の訳語→ attractiveness beauty grace handsome handsomeness

表情 の訳語→ angle mannerism reaction

風情 の訳語→ dude elegant exterior

物語る の訳語→ announce bode story

の訳語→ beginning blind experience judgment lid optic put term time treatment

目をやる の訳語→ consult

目を向ける の訳語→ focus

様子 の訳語→ behaviour condition rate spirit temper that thing welfare

要求する の訳語→ demand

目にする の訳語→ glimpse lay eyes on

見る の訳語→ acknowledge consume follow gauge long look in measure moment peg spot surmise

検討する の訳語→ confer leaf run through

look back on lookee looker-on looking

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