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いう の訳語→ accuse add address admit advise affirm agree air announce assure blurt call claim confess confide continue cry declare describe discuss divulge exclaim explain express expression give hint insist intone invite kind know like liken make mention muse note object phrase point proffer promise pronouncement propose put read recite refer reflect remark repeat replay reply report resume say show sing snap sound speak suggest swear talk tell think unburden urge volunteer warn

うなる の訳語→ chant groan growl humming snarl

こたえる の訳語→ acknowledge hard retort return shake take telling

する の訳語→ acquire become bring come conduct develop do fall feel gain get go incline keep manage offer play provide switch try use want

ながめる の訳語→ appraisal blink contemplate examine gaze gloat inspect look peep peer regard see stare study survey view watch witness

観察する の訳語→ analyse consider monitor notice observant scrutinize trace

顔を合わせる の訳語→ meet

気がつく の訳語→ anticipate attentive catch detect discover figure find intercept isolate nowhere realise realize recall recognize recover remember suspect

見てとる の訳語→ decide distinguish record size

見てとれる の訳語→ evident obviously recognizable sense

見守る の訳語→ follow support vigil

見張る の訳語→ baby-sit command eye scan secure

見物する の訳語→ review

考えこむ の訳語→ brood ponder thoughtful

察する の訳語→ assume deduce estimate gather grasp guess perceive speculate understand

眺めている の訳語→ tower

眺める の訳語→ admire behold check noodle pass sight

同調する の訳語→ align allow join share

読む の訳語→ assess discern indicate plan proofread prophesy scarcely

発見する の訳語→ diagnose locate match

尾行する の訳語→ track trail

保つ の訳語→ hold leave maintain protect remain save stay survive uphold

目をやる の訳語→ consult glance

目撃する の訳語→ eyewitness spot

言う の訳語→ acquiesce admonish answer ask assert begin comment contend deliver demand direct get at have imply instruct mouth mutter name order profess pronounce protest relate respond sell state submit unload venture whisper word

見る の訳語→ confront consume expect gauge glare inspection judge long look in measure moment peg picture reckon seem surmise turn wait

守る の訳語→ abide adhere carry cling defend ensure field honour manage to protect obey preserve salvage stick visor