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あきらめる の訳語→ despair discard forget instead quit relinquish self-forgiveness stop

いいはる の訳語→ argue declare insist

きめる の訳語→ arrange pass stipulate

する気になる の訳語→ bring can

はっきりさせる の訳語→ clarify determine elucidate recapitulate

わかる の訳語→ admit agree apparent appreciate ascertain catch certain clear clue conscious count discern discover fancy fathom feel figure find follow form gather get git guess hear identify imagine indicate isolate know learn make measure notice obvious offer palpable perceive pinpoint place prone prove realise realize recognise recognition recognize register respect see sense sensitive share spot sure sympathize tell trace traceable understand understandable witness

案じる の訳語→ concerned expect fear interested unhappy worry

確信する の訳語→ believe trust

確認する の訳語→ check claim conclude confirm investigate verify vouch

感じる の訳語→ aware create experience feeling go have mindful move react seem strike sweep taste think

観察 の訳語→ concern contemplation estimate examination inspection look observance observation reconnaissance survey theory

決めつける の訳語→ rule say

決める の訳語→ approve choose consider decision define order resolve select set shape

決意 の訳語→ conviction decisiveness determination intension intent mind purpose

決着をつける の訳語→ arbitrate fight

決定 の訳語→ announcement approval attitude choice close deciding fiat inquisition word

見てとる の訳語→ distinguish note observe read record size study take

悟る の訳語→ acknowledge clued glom knowledge master occur reflect

考えなおす の訳語→ change reevaluate

考える の訳語→ absorb approach ask assume care chew compose conceive concentrate contemplate convinced debate delve design disguise dwell examine expectation feature glance idea ideate judge meditate plan ponder process prospect question reason recall regard remembrance result ruminate scheme seek speculate suggest suppose suspect theorize thought through trouble waver weigh wonder

思いあたる の訳語→ dawn plausible remember

思いこむ の訳語→ convince do

思う の訳語→ accept anticipate anticipation apparently bear buy conjecture deem frightened hope impression like love pretend qualify reckon remark sensible sound terrify try view want wish

託す の訳語→ commit devote

断じる の訳語→ stress

断定する の訳語→ predicate

片がつく の訳語→ over surmount

わからない の訳語→ agnostic be hard to know bother confused ignorant lost unsure

見る の訳語→ behold blink confront consult consume detect eye gauge gaze glare inspect long look in moment peer peg picture scan scrutinize sight stare state surmise turn wait watch

decidedly decided

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