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おかしなこと の訳語→ odd unstuck vapour

ちぐはぐな の訳語→ contrast different scrappy

とまどう の訳語→ embarrassment wonder

はっきりしない の訳語→ indistinct unsure

まごつく の訳語→ dismay puzzle

ややこしい の訳語→ bad complex complicated complicating confuse painstaking

わけのわからない の訳語→ bizarre inexplicable maddening mysterious perplexing senseless strange unaccounted unintelligible unreasonably

気になる の訳語→ annoy care concern conscious determined disconcerting distract disturbing embarrassing feel harrowing mean notice possibly prepare prepared question remember stick swear think trouble worry

混乱した の訳語→ aggrieved disjointed

混乱する の訳語→ bewilder bewildering unsettled

大変な の訳語→ alarming appalling big bother fucked grave great remarkable serious slashing thundering uncomfortable

わからない の訳語→ agnostic be hard to know decide guess ignorant lost