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あまり の訳語→ about entirely exactly excess few little more much pretty quite rather really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly too utterly very with

あらためる の訳語→ check examine inspect look study

かえる の訳語→ differently helping incubate return switch volatile

ずらす の訳語→ displace move shift

とりつくろう の訳語→ cover pretense save

なる の訳語→ allow amount apt assume become begin come create develop feel find generate get give go grow join make mark pass potential provide put reach serve set take turn

異なる の訳語→ alter differ disparate dissimilar divergent every variant

移す の訳語→ fidget infuse remit

違う の訳語→ another contrary different new not other wrong

改める の訳語→ refurbish reinflect

改善する の訳語→ ameliorate refine unsuck

気晴らし の訳語→ diversion outlet recreation refection release

繰返す の訳語→ mutter repeat

見直す の訳語→ question redraw reevaluate

元気になる の訳語→ percolate recover

交換する の訳語→ reciprocate trade

考えなおす の訳語→ decide think

手を加える の訳語→ modify tinker

推移 の訳語→ passage space transit

直す の訳語→ adjust fix instead

転じる の訳語→ detract

変える の訳語→ abandon break difference disguise do mutate replace revise tamper

変る の訳語→ improve vary

変わる の訳語→ affect dim flip transform vanish

変化 の訳語→ alteration circle disillusionment improvement modulation phenomenon point transformation trend variance vicissitude work

変化する の訳語→ conjugate mutable

変更 の訳語→ changeover permutation

変動 の訳語→ alternate oscillation variability

change the layout changeling changeover