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あまり の訳語→ about change entirely exactly excess few little more much pretty rather really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly too utterly very with

あんまり の訳語→ only painfully

いっこうに の訳語→ never obviously still

いとも の訳語→ magnificent

いまにも の訳語→ almost distinct going hardly now presently ready suddenly

うまく の訳語→ all artfully beautifully can cleverly deftly easily effectually efficiently fine good gracious great handy lucky nice proficiently properly right savvy shrewdly smart splendidly successful successfully tightly well

うんと の訳語→ bad greatly intentionally lot plenty real

えらい の訳語→ almighty awful head helluva such

えらく の訳語→ awfully certainly fortune goddam inordinately one strictly surprisingly

かなり の訳語→ again amazingly appreciably considerable considerably extremely fairly goddamned heavily how increasingly nearly positively serious some substantial widely

かなりの の訳語→ appreciable bit certain enough goodly pocketful significant sizable sizeable substantive

がらりと の訳語→ abrupt completely dramatically drastically radically whole

きわめて の訳語→ absolutely critically deadly especially highly honest impossibly most terminally thrice traditional

くらい の訳語→ case something

けっこう の訳語→ glad hugely modest tidy wonderful

ごく の訳語→ est just many perfectly purely standard

さっぱり の訳語→ slight total totally

しかと の訳語→ firmly fully unqualifiedly

すぐ の訳語→ automatically close closely directly dutifully easy first immediately instantaneously instantly minute present pronto quick quickly simply soon swiftly then willingly

すこぶる の訳語→ enormously goddamn haunting incredibly paragon remarkably resolutely wonderfully

すごく の訳語→ grave hell thundering tremendously wildly

すっかり の訳語→ already altogether anew deep deeply dreadfully every everything finally forever freely full genuinely hopelessly indeed late nicely noticeably rapidly ridiculously seriously severly significantly spoil stone superfluous unmitigated

すばらしい の訳語→ admirable beautiful bionic bright brilliant brilliantly dodger elaborate exciting gnarly grand happy idyllic incredible perfect remarkable spectacular splendid sweet swell tall terrific tits veritable whizbang winning zingy

そのもの の訳語→ essentially massively picture sheer thoroughly

それこそ の訳語→ literally truly

たいした の訳語→ extraordinarily regular

ただ の訳語→ although anyway bum but except however instead meaningless merely nothing perhaps plain silently solitary sometimes that though

だいぶ の訳語→ long partially proper

ちっとも の訳語→ any anything whatever

ちゃんと の訳語→ actually always carefully clearly eminently even politely precisely straight

ちょっと の訳語→ brief briefly brisk casually faintly hey hi jiffy maybe mildly moment nominal pinch psst pure sec short shortly slightly small sort subtly touch tut while

ちょっとした の訳語→ clever high-class inconsequential minor seasoned sensible simple tiny trifle trifling wee

つい の訳語→ day hard inadvertently involuntarily involuntary keep mere tend typically unintentionally unwisely

どうしても の訳語→ barely definitely desperately eventually inalterably inescapably inevitably insist invariably irresistible mostly must somehow stubbornly undoubtedly would

どうにも の訳語→ ridiculous

どうも の訳語→ guess personally

なかなか の訳語→ admirably better half kind kindly moderately reasonably reluctantly repeatedly rich

なるほど の訳語→ admittedly ah aha convinced do gotcha probably sure surprised true uh-huh yes

ひしひしと の訳語→ acutely keenly starkly

ひとしきり の訳語→ constantly general momentarily session stream whet

ぴったり の訳語→ appropriate belong correctly match near word-for-word

ほとほと の訳語→ complete heartily

ほとんど の訳語→ alike largely like majority often practically rarely virtually

ほぼ の訳語→ nigh roughly

ほんとうに の訳語→ adventure boring honestly particularly

ほんとに の訳語→ ever oh utter

まったく の訳語→ apparent cold distinctly exact exceedingly genuine gevalt God gosh intense man naturally outstanding squeaky strongly supremely surely vastly what

まるで の訳語→ absolute clean sound wholly

むしろ の訳語→ fain possibly

もう の訳語→ another anymore beforehand extra further point

もちろん の訳語→ ’course also forsooth presumably

もっと の訳語→ far yet

もっぱら の訳語→ fashion primarily solely

よく の訳語→ common frequent frequently intimately occasional once periodically prolonged respectable soundly usually vigorous

よほど の訳語→ appalling comfortable damned gravely progressively

よほどの の訳語→ drastic

何だか の訳語→ seem why

完全な の訳語→ fucking fuller radical resounding solidly unabridged unalloyed

完全に の訳語→ faultlessly integrally stone-cold throw virtual

の訳語→ above air heaven sky

結構 の訳語→ allow dandy lovely

実に の訳語→ apparently best damn painful unbridled

充分 の訳語→ ample fill handsomely

十分 の訳語→ satisfy sufficiency

少しも の訳語→ aught no whatsoever

心から の訳語→ demonstratively devout fervent full-hearted grieve sincerity

全部 の訳語→ each none

大した の訳語→ big catch enormous fantastic important slashing

別に の訳語→ particular special

妙に の訳語→ curious curiously inappropriately mysterious mysteriously nasty odd oddly peculiar peculiarly queer strangely strangeness unnaturally unusually weirdly

明らかに の訳語→ clear manifest predominantly visually

はっきり の訳語→ baldly broad consciously crystal clear declarative definite evenly evidently explicitly firm frankly hard-edged obvious outright prominent recognizably specific stark vividly