× Q 翻訳類語辞典


あと の訳語→ after aftermath another back else extra later moment now rest retrospect sequel

あまり の訳語→ about change entirely exactly excess few little much pretty quite rather really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly too utterly very with

あらためて の訳語→ again fresh further new newly officially still thoughtfully

あんまり の訳語→ only painfully

いくぶん の訳語→ considerably light marginally partial slight slightly vaguely

いくらか の訳語→ bit bob certain small some something spot

いささか の訳語→ almost embarrassed highly least mild mildly moderately partly somehow sometimes trifle

いっそう の訳語→ add er even increasingly inevitably

いや の訳語→ boy but except gad hate indeed neh no nope not oh sick though um weary well why yes

いよいよ の訳語→ close ever finally gradually great greatly rich steadily

おおいに の訳語→ enormous thrice

おかわり の訳語→ helping second

かなり の訳語→ appreciably considerable extremely fairly goddamned good heavily lot nearly plenty positively serious substantial widely

ぐっと の訳語→ deep deeply deliberately directly far sharply wildly

けっこう の訳語→ enough especially glad hugely modest surprisingly tidy wonderful

この先 の訳語→ next

すぎる の訳語→ past travel

ずっと の訳語→ absurdly all always fine long permanently surely totally way whole

たくさん の訳語→ aplenty big lashing lots many mort pocketful

なお の訳語→ certainly particularly

はっきりした の訳語→ directness distinct firm obvious straight unequivocal well-difined

ばかり の訳語→ collection constantly early exclusively firmly for frequently full just maybe merely mostly none peculiar predominantly recently repeatedly

ひとしお の訳語→ most

ほかに の訳語→ also present

ほかにも の訳語→ other

まして の訳語→ furthermore

ますます の訳語→ increase

また の訳語→ as plus resume same then while

またしても の訳語→ anew continuing

またまた の訳語→ twice

まだ の訳語→ barely continue endless high yet

むしろ の訳語→ actually fain instead possibly

もう の訳語→ already anymore beforehand completely God perfectly point quickly real simply

もっと の訳語→ better properly

よくよく の訳語→ carefully closely jolly scrupulously seriously

よほど の訳語→ appalling comfortable damned definitely gravely progressively

以上 の訳語→ because over that worse

以上に の訳語→ than

強い の訳語→ acute beat blustery broad clear ferocious harsh hot huge immune lead loud powerful profound resistant robust sharp strong successful teeming terrible thick tough urgent vehement whip

向上させる の訳語→ improve improvement

少し の訳語→ begin briefly dash handful lightly narrowly remotely short shortly thinly

少しは の訳語→ easy half

の訳語→ number odd population sheaf

増す の訳語→ gather grow pick

増加 の訳語→ accession accrual growth incrementation multiplication pressure

足す の訳語→ pour

多い の訳語→ abound apt common constant crowd frequent

大きく の訳語→ airily approvingly badly dramatically emphatically energetically enthusiastically expansively extent large magnificently open rolling roughly significantly soberly steeply titanic total vast vigorously wide

特別に の訳語→ exceptionally specially

いわば の訳語→ largely per se proverbially sort this virtually



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