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〜しきった の訳語→ completely utter

あきらかに の訳語→ clear clearly definitely deliberate doubtless noticeably perceptibly

あまり の訳語→ about change entirely exactly excess few little more much pretty quite rather really relatively seldom singularly so somewhat sufficiently terribly too very with

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely great highly ideally indeed just like most obvious obviously only perfectly pseudo real right seem seemingly simple spotlessly strained such that true typically unexpectedly

つくづく の訳語→ appreciatively closely death dreadfully earnestly fully somehow strongly surely thoroughly

とうてい の訳語→ aught exquisitely never

とおす の訳語→ conduct slip

どうしようもなく の訳語→ absolute absolutely desperately distraught hopelessly incredibly totally unrestrainedly

どんなに の訳語→ all hard how what

はたと の訳語→ abrupt altogether short suddenly

はなから の訳語→ at initial

ひどく の訳語→ acutely almost as atrociously awful bad curiously disproportionately distastefully enormously excruciatingly extreme grossly heavily heavy infinitely intense long magnificent monumentally nicely painfully palpably particular particularly passionately profoundly royally serious severe severely sincerely startlingly surprisingly throughly thundering wildly wonderfully worse

みじんも の訳語→ slight

極度の の訳語→ high sovereign superlative

心から の訳語→ actually awfully demonstratively devout fervent full-hearted genuine grieve honestly sincerity truly well

心底 の訳語→ deep devoutly heart heartily

絶対に の訳語→ always complete ever secrecy seriously strictly sure

全く の訳語→ all right calmly decidedly hopeless practically purely