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あきらかに の訳語→ clearly definitely deliberate doubtless noticeably perceptibly utterly

いかにも の訳語→ apparent certainly completely considerable decided deeply deliberately eminently evident evidently exactly exceedingly extraordinarily extremely forsooth genuinely great highly ideally indeed just like most obvious obviously only perfectly pseudo rather real really right seem seemingly simple so spotlessly strained such terribly that too true typically unexpectedly very

かせぐ の訳語→ earn stall win

かたづける の訳語→ clean cut eliminate finish pass square waste wrap

さげる の訳語→ carry dangle grip put sling tip with

すっきりさせる の訳語→ streamline untangle

すっと の訳語→ irresistibly quickly rapidly revived slip

たっぷり の訳語→ absolutely bunch deep enough generous good gust lashing lavish long lot much nice plenty rich solid some splendid time well

なまなましい の訳語→ bright crudely direct intense keen lively uncontained underhand vivid

はなれる の訳語→ drift leave move

ふける の訳語→ conduct engage measure proceed steep surfeit wear

よくわかる の訳語→ appreciate articulate follow grasp understand

わかる の訳語→ admit agree ascertain catch certain clue conscious count decide discern discover fancy fathom feel figure find form gather get git guess hear identify imagine indicate isolate know learn make notice offer palpable perceive pinpoint place prone prove realise realize recognise recognition recognize register respect see sense sensitive share spot sure sympathize tell trace traceable understandable witness

下げる の訳語→ abase back bob drag drop

解決する の訳語→ answer correct solve

解明する の訳語→ determine explain uncover

開く の訳語→ draw host lift open part peel throw unfold widen

確たる の訳語→ firm hard positive resolute

確保する の訳語→ arrange have maintain obtain take

間違いなく の訳語→ always surely truly

強い の訳語→ acute beat blustery broad close ferocious harsh high hot huge immune lead loud more powerful profound resistant robust sharp strong successful teeming terrible thick tough urgent vehement whip

極度に の訳語→ dense wonderfully

苦もなく の訳語→ effortless simply smoothly

見事な の訳語→ beautifully big brilliant fine impressive magnificent matronly moving nicely pretty remarkable remarkably ripe slashing startling talented wondrous

消える の訳語→ absent baulk cease cool decamp disappear dwindle ebb end eradicate fall falter fell go lose lost miss out

消す の訳語→ conceal destroy erase kill mask scotch shut wipe

静まる の訳語→ silence subside

洗う の訳語→ bath rinse shake splash wash

鮮明な の訳語→ distinct

単純明快 の訳語→ simplicity straightforward

調べる の訳語→ breakdown check confirm do examine explore extricate fish inventory look probe process reference review search sleuth study sus test track

透明な の訳語→ lucid vitreous

挽回する の訳語→ redeem regain

払う の訳語→ exercise expense flip pay paying render slash

明らかに の訳語→ appreciably correctly manifest must positively predominantly quite undoubtedly visually

明確に の訳語→ actually officially pointedly unequivocally

明瞭 の訳語→ clarity

明晰な の訳語→ smart

離れて の訳語→ beyond removed

力強い の訳語→ hearty sinewy virile

露骨な の訳語→ avowedly blatant crude obstacle outright patent

話をつける の訳語→ talk

はっきりと の訳語→ accurate articulately crystal clear decisively directly distinctly emphatically expressly fully insistent precisely steady unambiguous unmistakable vividly

はっきり の訳語→ baldly consciously declarative definite easily evenly explicitly finally frankly hard-edged honestly prominent properly radically recognizably specific stark straight

clear-cut clearance clearing clearly clearness