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おそまきながら の訳語→ high slow

ここは の訳語→ now present this

こと の訳語→ a.k.a. action agenda anything as business cause circle contemplation course episodes event fact hit idea insight it matter matters moment news occasion occupation occurrence part pass problem process question reason scale score sense shit solution something story stuff target task that thing truth what word worth

ころ の訳語→ log when

たっぷり の訳語→ absolutely bunch clear deep enough generous good great gust lashing lavish long lot much nice plenty rich solid some splendid well

とき の訳語→ day period point situation

ところ の訳語→ area aspect circumstance distance find house information issue manner nature neighbourhood one picture place post quality source spot streak surrounding way where

ばあい の訳語→ case

チャンス の訳語→ advantage chance instant offer opportunity option shot

一瞬 の訳語→ bit blinking brief briefly flash fleeting glance heartbeat just minute momentary next once sec second slightly split-second temporarily

の訳語→ free leisure quiet unbusy

の訳語→ inning

の訳語→ after bedchamber delay lag midst pause room silence timing while whilst

期限 の訳語→ deadline genesis

機会 の訳語→ hour incident turn window

季節 の訳語→ season spell years

休み の訳語→ break holiday intermission interruption let-up sleep

合わせる の訳語→ accompaniment agree catch combine contact fit meet relate set touch tune

思い の訳語→ design emotion emotional fancy feel feeling imagine knowledge mind mood realization reflection sensation thought

の訳語→ chronology clock

時間 の訳語→ afternoon class history length schedule

時期 の訳語→ patch

時機 の訳語→ stage

時代 の訳語→ age century era generation phase regime things world

時分 の訳語→ about weather

手間 の訳語→ effort embarrassment trouble

寿命 の訳語→ life longevity recover

瞬間 の訳語→ instantaneously instantly

場合 の訳語→ context crisis eventuality respect

場面 の訳語→ actual condition department footage image interlude scene

退屈 の訳語→ bore bored boredom boring dull uneventful

の訳語→ tide wave

の訳語→ degree extent

縄張り の訳語→ beat charge jurisdictional preserve terrain turf

の訳語→ date daylight heat night sun sunlight

の訳語→ old year

年月 の訳語→ decade

の訳語→ attention beginning blind experience eye eyeball eyelid gaze head judgment lid look optic peeper put sight term treatment vision

猶予 の訳語→ extension reprieve

余裕 の訳語→ able afford boldness ease easy interval luxury redundancy spare wiggle room

日々 の訳語→ by the day daily month

timely timetable