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あて の訳語→ aim expectation future lead prospect warranty

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel find get given go happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur own particular point presence present reach remain reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

いったい の訳語→ actually Christ exactly possibly really

えらく の訳語→ awfully certainly fine fortune goddam greatly inordinately pretty quite real so strictly surprisingly very

ことば の訳語→ English remark speech word

たぐい の訳語→ kind sort type

ところ の訳語→ area aspect circumstance distance house information issue manner moment nature neighbourhood part picture place post process quality something source spot streak surrounding time way what where

どちらか の訳語→ generally whole

ひとつ の訳語→ another same thing

ひとつの の訳語→ singular

ひとり の訳語→ alone oneself person personal soul

ほう の訳語→ business direction man oh

みな の訳語→ all every others rest

もう一度 の訳語→ afresh again double second

もの の訳語→ anything base clothing component creature dick element factor fellow important ingredient instrument matter note object oyster people possession private story stuff subject worthy

やつ の訳語→ anybody bloke boy chap creep customer figure fucker guy he his man-jack onion puppy somebody son-of-a-bitch son-of-a-gun stallion talent you

の訳語→ mere single

一件 の訳語→ case event fuss incident job

一人 の訳語→ each independence lone loneliness solitude

一張羅の の訳語→ best Sunday-best treasured

一度 の訳語→ once sometime whenever

一本 の訳語→ independent

一面 の訳語→ side trait

の訳語→ foreign night out outdoor outer outside outward street world

持ち主 の訳語→ belong with

手合い の訳語→ squirt they

女性 の訳語→ female girl petticoat she woman

の訳語→ anyone boor everybody fella folk friend gentleman human lady life men neighbour other someone sport staff stranger student we whoever

人間 の訳語→ body character disposition everyone gun heart humanity humankind individual mankind member mobile mortal organism son us

相手 の訳語→ antagonist companion company enemy face grip him interest partner party quarry victim

他人 の訳語→ outsider

の訳語→ bird boyo dude form husband loin lover manhood masculinity number rogue

の訳語→ bugger dog kid

の訳語→ course item merchandise respectable trick

の訳語→ slice

one day one-dimensional one-liner one-way oneness onerous onesef oneself one’s