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〜になる の訳語→ find get go grow learn make prove start

ある の訳語→ apply bear bore certain come enjoy feel given happen have hear hold inform involve lie locate mount notice occupy occur one own particular point presence reach remain reside run see set sit situated some sometimes stand there wait work

いま の訳語→ immediate just now right today

おとずれる の訳語→ approach touch visit

ここは の訳語→ this time

この の訳語→ here his last my new past recent same such that these those you

さっそく の訳語→ directly immediately promptly quickly straight swiftly very

さらけだす の訳語→ appear bare demonstrably reveal

さらす の訳語→ bleach put risk subject

すぐ の訳語→ automatically close closely dutifully easily easy first instantaneously instantly minute presently pronto quick quite simply soon then willingly

その場の の訳語→ else temporary

つきつける の訳語→ beat confront give push show stick turn

ほかに の訳語→ also another but further more

まとめる の訳語→ assemble catalog collect compile gather keep marshal orchestrate pack pick reduce

ようだ の訳語→ apparently look seem sound think

挨拶する の訳語→ acknowledge greet say

顔を出す の訳語→ attend probe use

掲げる の訳語→ fly list placard spout

見せる の訳語→ betray demonstrate display examine express flash presume pretend surrender

の訳語→ reality

現在の の訳語→ current latter

現実 の訳語→ actuality face fact life memory nitty-gritty picture practice real

乞う の訳語→ ask beg plead

広げる の訳語→ lay lengthen part spread widen

の訳語→ incidentally moment tonight

今度の の訳語→ upcoming

差し出す の訳語→ extend hand offer pass produce send toss

姿を見せる の訳語→ enter

自分 の訳語→ herself him myself onelself oneself self themselves

狙う の訳語→ after aim pretender punch pursue single want watch

渡す の訳語→ distribute drop offload proffer provide release supply transfer

土産 の訳語→ gift prize

同席する の訳語→ join

の訳語→ book main page production textbook volume

与える の訳語→ allot assign bestow duke endow inflict issue lend palm

立ち会う の訳語→ participate supervise

presentation presently